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Crossword Clues for ABBE

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Clue Source Date
A former French title for a clergyman The Times Specialist Sunday 22 Nov 2020
French priest's regular contributions to war babies The Telegraph Toughie 21 Aug 2020
French friar Newsday 15 Mar 2020
Priest caught in nudist camp? ... The Telegraph Toughie 14 Feb 2020
French cleric Eugene Sheffer 16 Oct 2019
French clergyman Universal 18 Nov 2018
Lane of song Premier Sunday 17 Jun 2018
Paris cleric Universal 22 May 2018
Calais cleric The Washington Post 03 Mar 2018
Singer Lane Premier Sunday 28 Jan 2018
French cleric born in Lincoln The Telegraph Cryptic 27 Nov 2017
Clerge member Universal 07 Sep 2017
French priest's title Universal 04 Sep 2017
Xavier Cugat's ex-wife Lane Jonesin 20 Jun 2017
Monastery resident Universal 17 Apr 2017
La tête du monastère Newsday 18 Feb 2017
Lane who sang with Xavier Cugat Jonesin 20 Dec 2016
Caen cleric Universal 17 Nov 2016
Cleric of Clairvaux The Chronicle of Higher Education 16 Sep 2016
Clergyman born in Lincoln? The Times Cryptic 08 Sep 2016
''Monastère'' title Newsday 09 Jan 2016
Chartres cleric LA Times Daily 27 Sep 2015
French religious title The Chronicle of Higher Education 25 Sep 2015
(French) cleric The Times Concise 07 Sep 2015
Cannes cleric USA Today 18 Jul 2015
In turn, decline answer for one such as Liszt The Times Cryptic 12 Mar 2015
Lane known for many curves
Calais clergyman
Title for Liszt
Cugat's onetime mate Lane
French monastery resident
French clergyman's title
Ecclesiastic title, in France
Cugat's Lane
Cleric in Cannes
Paris priest
Clerical title, in Caen
Clerical title
Actress Lane
Cherbourg cleric
Head of a French monastery
Songstress Lane
French Franciscan friar
Clairvaux cleric
Lane who was married to Xavier Cugat
Cugat's one-time mate Lane
Actress Lane of old TV
Parisian cleric
French priest
French clerical title
French minister
Lane in show biz
Gallic cleric
Sermonizer in France
Head of le monastère
Ex of Cugie
Ecclesiastic title
Pop vocalist Lane
Clergy member, somewhere
Lane with smooth curves
Penultimate ex of Xavier
Lane with the album "Be Mine Tonight"
Lane who sang with Cugat
Cleric title
Lane who sang with Cugat's orchestra
6-Down cleric
French friar?
French abbot
French novelist ___ Prévost
Caen clergyman
Clermont cleric
French ecclesiastic
With 63 Down, Xavier Cugat ex
Singer with Xavier
___ Prevost, "Manon Lescaut" novelist
Ex of Xavier
Novelist Prevost
Clergy member
Religious figure
Singer, ____ Lane
Singer ___ Lane
French pastor
One who follows orders?
Member of the clergé
Entertainer Lane
Zola's Mouret, for one
Sultry singer Lane
St. Bernard, for one
Singer, _____ Lane
Xavier s wife
Pr.vost or Lema.tre
Xavier Cugat's ex-wife
Cugat's ex Abbe
____ Lane, who sang for Cugat
Lyons cleric
Fr. cleric
Title for a "ministre"
Lane of songdom
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