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Crossword Clues for ABNER

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Clue Source Date
The Yokum boy Thomas Joseph 03 Nov 2020
One of the Yokums Wall Street Journal 17 Oct 2020
'Li'l' comic strip character The Washington Post 08 Sep 2020
Daisy Mae's guy Eugene Sheffer 24 Jul 2020
"Li'l" guy Premier Sunday 19 Jul 2020
Lucifer Yokum is his pa Wall Street Journal 27 Jun 2020
Civil War general Doubleday Newsday 07 Jun 2020
Baseball's Doubleday LA Times Daily 31 May 2020
Dogpatch boy Thomas Joseph 29 Apr 2020
Capp chap LA Times Daily 01 Apr 2020
"Li'l" character in comics Universal 01 Apr 2020
'Li'l' comics guy The Washington Post Sunday 22 Mar 2020
'Li'l' guy in the comics Jonesin 31 Dec 2019
Neighbor on TV's 'Bewitched' New York Times 05 Dec 2019
Neighbor on TV's "Bewitched"
Dogpatch name The Washington Post 17 Aug 2019
Dogpatch fellow Wall Street Journal 20 May 2019
Daisy Mae's man USA Today 14 Apr 2019
"Li'l ___" (classic comic) Universal 26 Mar 2019
Dogpatch lad USA Today 03 Nov 2018
Doubleday of baseball lore The New Yorker 15 Oct 2018
'Li'l' fellow New York Times 05 Aug 2018
"Li'l" comic strip character Universal 27 Jul 2018
Pansy Yokum's boy Wall Street Journal 28 Apr 2018
Baseball pioneer Doubleday Wall Street Journal 24 Apr 2018
Groom on a 1952 Life cover The Washington Post 18 Mar 2018
Li'l comic strip guy Universal 03 Jan 2018
"Li'l" fellow
Li'l ___ of the funnies New York Times 11 Dec 2017
Best-known character of 8-Across Wall Street Journal 26 Aug 2017
Dogpatch's Li'l ___ USA Today 01 Aug 2017
First name in Dogpatch USA Today 18 Apr 2017
Li'l ___ New York Times 11 Apr 2017
'Li'l' guy of old comics New York Times 05 Dec 2016
'Li'l' Al Capp character Premier Sunday 25 Sep 2016
Marryin' Sam married him Wall Street Journal 03 Sep 2016
Saul's soldier in Samuel Newsday 20 Aug 2016
Marryin' Sam presided over his wedding LA Times Daily 25 Jun 2016
See 14-Across New York Times 20 Jun 2016
Capp's "Li'l" guy USA Today 12 May 2016
He evaded Daisy Mae for 18 years Wall Street Journal 11 May 2016
Dogpatch teen Wall Street Journal 01 Apr 2016
Mammy Yokum's lad LA Times Daily 28 Mar 2016
"Li'l" guy of old comics
Hick in a strip
Dogpatch dude
The Yokums' boy
Daisy Mae's beau
Daisy Mae's love, in the funnies
Running back Haynes, first AFL player of the year
"Li'l" Dogpatch resident
Tiny Yokum's big brother
Honest Abe Yokum's pa
Pansy's young'un
"Li'l" Capp creation
Al Capp's 'Li'l' guy
'Li'l --'
Commander of Saul's army, in I Samuel
Al Capp guy
"Li'l" guy of comics
Honest Abe's dad, in comics
Capp creation
Mr. Doubleday
Doubleday who almost certainly didn't invent baseball
Daisy Mae's love
Dogpatch denizen
Doubleday of baseball
"Li'l" guy of Dogpatch
___ J. Mikva, White House counsel under Clinton
Mammy's son
"Li'l" comics fellow
Backwoods groom on the cover of "Life" in 1952
Yokel Yokum
Pansy and Lucifer's son, in old comics
Daisy Mae's catch
"Li'l" guy who wasn't so little
Groom in a 1952 comic-strip wedding
Marryin' Sam married him to Daisy Mae
Pappy Yokum's boy
Li'l ___ (comics guy)
Dogpatch yokel
Dogpatch resident
Daisy Mae's mate
Son of Lucifer Ornamental Yokum
Mammy Yokum's boy
Al Capp figure
'Li'l' title guy
Rube of bygone funnies
Capp lad
Dogpatch dweller
"Li'l" one of comics
Doubleday of baseball myth
"Li'l ___"
Sadie Hawkins neighbor
"Li'l" guy of the comics
Mammy's boy
Capp's Li'l __
Dogpatch guy
See 113-Down
"Li'l" one in the comics
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.