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Crossword Clues for ACK

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Clue Source Date
Comic-strip "Horrors!" Universal 06 Oct 2020
Dismayed cry Wall Street Journal 05 Sep 2020
'Yikes!' in comics The Washington Post Sunday 22 Mar 2020
'Yikes!' New York Times 13 Mar 2020
'Yipes!' USA Today 20 Feb 2020
Cathy's comics cry New York Times 01 Dec 2019
'Cathy' exclamation Jonesin 01 Oct 2019
"Cathy" cry Universal 15 Sep 2019
'Oy!' The Washington Post 01 Aug 2019
"Oy!" LA Times Daily 01 Aug 2019
Comics exclamation Wall Street Journal 17 Jul 2019
'That's awful!' The Washington Post 31 Mar 2019
"That's awful!" LA Times Daily 31 Mar 2019
'Crikey!' The Washington Post 22 Feb 2019
"Crikey!" LA Times Daily 22 Feb 2019
Cathy's cry
Cry from Bill the Cat Wall Street Journal 07 Nov 2018
Comics outburst Newsday 07 Sep 2018
Cry of dismay New York Times 12 Jul 2018
Comic strip cry New York Times 27 Jun 2018
"Yikes!" LA Times Daily 18 Jul 2017
Comics sound of dismay Newsday 09 Jun 2017
Comic strip outburst The Washington Post 27 Apr 2017
Comic strip cry of horror Wall Street Journal 22 Mar 2017
'Oh no!,' in comics New York Times 07 Mar 2017
Relative of 'Aargh!' New York Times 22 Jan 2017
"That's terrible!" LA Times Daily 01 Jan 2017
Relative of "Aargh!"
"Oh no!," in comics
Comics cry of dismay Newsday 01 Jul 2016
Comic strip cry of dismay New York Times 15 Feb 2016
'Oh, no!,' in comics Premier Sunday 27 Dec 2015
Funny-pages cry of dismay The Chronicle of Higher Education 27 Nov 2015
Sound of distress Newsday 29 Oct 2015
"Egad!" LA Times Daily 16 Jul 2015
Comics 'Oh no!' New York Times 07 Jun 2015
Bill the Cat's outburst Jonesin 12 Mar 2015
Comics "Oh no!"
Comic strip exclamation from Cathy or Bill the Cat
Cry from Cathy of comics
"Oh no!"
Cathy's "Oh, no!"
Cousin of "aargh!"
Gagging cry
Comic strip exclamation
Comics cry
Speech balloon cry of dismay
Cry of disgust
Comics cry of disgust
"Good grief!"
"Eew!" kin
Cathy's interjection
"Oh, no!"
Gagging sound
Bill the Cat's exclamation
Word of dismay
Disgusted cry
"Cathy" outburst
When repeated, antiaircraft fire
Expletive from Cathy or Bill the Cat
"Aargh!" in comics
Comic-strip exclamation
"That's disgusting!"
Bill the Cat expletive
When doubled, antiaircraft fire
WWII fire, when doubled
Cry of surprised disgust, in comics
Repeated, antiaircraft fire
Machine gun sound
Relative of "Oh, no!"
Gagging noise
Pronouncement from Bill the Cat
Outburst from Bill the Cat
Bill the Cat's meow?
Aerial defense, when doubled
When doubled, defensive fire
Bit of artillery fire
Exclamation from Bill the Cat
Bill the Cat's comment
Comment from Bill the Cat, in the comics
Antiaircraft sound
Short reply
Comment from Bill the Cat
Half an aerial defense
Bill the Cat pronouncement, in the funnies
Cry of surprise in the comics
Cry of horror, in the comics
Half an antiaircraft weapon
Flak sound
___ emma (before noon in England)
Part of A.A. fire
Half an antiaircraft gun
___ emma (before noon, to British signalmen)
___ emma (before noon)
___ emma (A.M. in England)
Recognize: Abbr.
___ emma.
___ emma (A.M.)
___ emma and pip emma.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.