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Crossword Clues for ADELAIDE

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Clue Source Date
Former royal diva accepting charity The Telegraph Toughie 23 Sep 2020
By population, Australia’s fifth-largest city The Times Specialist Sunday 19 Jul 2020
Australian city The Times Concise 03 Jul 2020
Capital of South Australia Universal 10 May 2020
... meal with someone / 'Guys and Dolls' role The Washington Post Sunday 28 Jul 2019
Lead aide out to Australia Irish Times Simplex 19 Jul 2019
City of Australia Thomas Joseph 17 Jul 2019
Some of media led attack rejecting old consort The Telegraph Toughie 01 Feb 2019
Singer accepts help in the capital The Sun Two Speed 05 Oct 2018
Singer receives help in the capital The Sun Two Speed 27 Jul 2018
Corrupt idea — deal that makes capital in Australia The Sun Two Speed 30 Jun 2018
A river flowing round settled Australian city The Telegraph Cryptic 31 Aug 2017
Deal engineered by assistant in foreign city The Telegraph Cryptic 16 Feb 2017
Lead aide out to Oz Irish Times Simplex 18 Jul 2016
State capital of South Australia Irish Times Simplex 23 May 2016
Capital 600 miles west of Canberra Wall Street Journal 21 May 2016
''Guys and Dolls'' character known for her lament The Washington Post 08 Feb 2016
City named for William IV's queen Wall Street Journal 30 Jan 2016
Where Murdoch's company was first incorporated Newsday 12 Dec 2015
Queen, first to arrive, slowed down for an audience The Times Cryptic 16 Feb 2015
City northeast of Kangaroo Island
South Australia's capital
Australia's "city of churches"
Capital on Gulf St. Vincent
"Guys and Dolls" gal
Nathan Detroit's doll
City of 1.1 million named for the wife of King William IV
The City of Churches
"Guys and Dolls" lamenter
Capital near Encounter Bay
City NE of Kangaroo Island
"Guys and Dolls" character
Nathan Detroit's "everlovin"
Down under city
"Guy and Dolls" doll
"Guys and Dolls” doll
Capital of S. Australia
Metropolis of Australia
"Guys and Dolls" doll
Down-under city
Capital of So. Australia.
Australian city.
Capital of S. Australia.
Australian metropolis.
Capital of South Australia.
Capital visited by Elizabeth II.
University city, capital of So. Australia.
Mother of Zola's "Rougon Family."
Consort of William IV.
Queen of William IV of England.
Queen before Victoria.
City on Torrens River, Australia.
South Australian capital.
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