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Crossword Clues for AES

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Clue Source Date
Bronze: Lat New York Times 17 Oct 2020
DDE's opponent Eugene Sheffer 05 Sep 2020
DDE rival The Washington Post 19 Jun 2020
'50s political initials The Washington Post 08 Dec 2019
DDE opponent The Washington Post 06 Jan 2019
Two-time loser to DDE
'50s election monogram Jonesin 27 Feb 2018
He lost to DDE twice Wall Street Journal 15 Nov 2017
DDE beat him twice Jonesin 31 Oct 2017
DDE defeated him twice Wall Street Journal 30 Sep 2017
Two-time DDE opponent Wall Street Journal 11 Mar 2017
DDE beat him The Washington Post 28 Feb 2017
DDE's rival in 1952 and 1956 Wall Street Journal 04 Feb 2017
Monogram in 1950s presidential races The Washington Post 29 Dec 2016
U.N. ambassador appointed by JFK LA Times Daily 03 Dec 2016
D.D.E.'s two-time presidential rival New York Times 02 Oct 2016
1950s political monogram The Washington Post 19 Jun 2016
'50s pres. candidate LA Times Daily 15 Apr 2016
DDE adversary Wall Street Journal 07 Nov 2015
Loser to DDE in 1952 Wall Street Journal 24 Oct 2015
1950s runner's inits New York Times 10 Oct 2015
D.D.E. opponent New York Times 08 Sep 2015
DDE's opponent, twice USA Today 26 Aug 2015
J.F.K.'s U.N. ambassador New York Times 22 Aug 2015
JFK's UN ambassador LA Times Daily 20 Aug 2015
Runner-up before RMN LA Times Daily 27 Jun 2015
1950s runner's inits.
JFK's United Nations ambassador
D.D.E. challenger
'50s Dem. presidential hopeful
Political monogram of '52 and '56
Monogram in two '50s presidential elections
Rival of 52-Across
Loser to DDE
'50s Dem. presidential candidate
___ signatum (bronze currency ingot of ancient Rome)
Monogram in '50s politics
Loser to D.D.E.
'50s political monogram
Two-time opponent of DDE
Opponent of DDE
He failed twice against DDE
D.D.E.'s rival
D.D.E. two-time presidential opponent
Initials shared by the presidential runners-up of 1928 and 1956
1950s political inits.
DDE's challenger
Political rival of D.D.E.
DDE's two-time opponent
DDE two-time opponent
Monogram of a '50s White House aspirant
JFK's ambassador to the UN
He lost twice to D.D.E.
Two-time loser to D.D.E.
He ran to succeed 13-Down: Abbr.
1950s campaign inits.
'50s campaign monogram
Loser to DDE in '52
He ran against DDE
D.D.E.'s opponent in a presidential race
D.D.E.'s political rival
UN ambassador under JFK
'50s political inits.
D.D.E. beat him twice
He lost to D.D.E.
D.D.E. defeated him
'50s pol. initials
'50s also-ran, initially
DDE's opponent in 1952
1950s election monogram
'50s monogram
He hoped to succeed H.S.T.
50's political inits.
Candidate who ran with Estes Kefauver as his veep
Cleveland's VP (whose grandson ran for pres.)
'50s pol. monogram
He lost twice to DDE
DDE's rival
HST's hopeful successor
DDE's two-time conquest
JFK's U.N. ambassador
D.D.E.'s adversary
Robert Louis Stevenson's "___ Triplex"
1950's political inits.
1950s pol. monogram
He lost to DDE
DDE competitor
See 45-Down
Loser to D.D.E. twice
50's monogram
1950's political initials
Loser twice to DDE
1952 election monogram
DDE foe
Two-time loser to 90-Down
Two-time Dem. nominee
Challenger to D.D.E.
FDR's predecessor as NY governor
Bronze money of ancient Rome
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.