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Crossword Clues for AGONY

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Clue Source Date
Extreme distress LA Times Daily 21 Nov 2020
Young lady duly left in great distress Irish Times Crosaire 20 Nov 2020
Heartbreak, maybe USA Today 20 Nov 2020
Torment Universal 19 Nov 2020
Serious pain Wall Street Journal 10 Oct 2020
Counterpart of ecstasy USA Today 30 Sep 2020
Extreme suffering The Times Concise 23 Sep 2020
Severe suffering Wall Street Journal 27 Aug 2020
Try to stop some suffering The Sun Two Speed 18 Aug 2020
Sitting next to a constantly crying baby on a cross-country flight, maybe New York Times 12 Jun 2020
Ecstasy's counterpart Universal 27 May 2020
Great distress Newsday 10 May 2020
Ecstasy's opposite Eugene Sheffer 01 May 2020
Extreme pain Thomas Joseph 07 Feb 2020
“Into the Woods” song Wall Street Journal 21 Dec 2019
Severe pain Canadiana 25 Nov 2019
'... the __ of defeat': 'Wide World of Sports' phrase The Washington Post 04 Oct 2019
"... the __ of defeat": "Wide World of Sports" phrase LA Times Daily 04 Oct 2019
Anguish Jonesin 16 Jul 2019
Serious suffering Wall Street Journal 09 Apr 2019
Suffering Thomas Joseph 20 Mar 2019
Ecstasy's antithesis USA Today 09 Mar 2019
Mental torment
Terrible pain The Washington Post 28 Aug 2018
U-turn from ecstasy Universal 21 Jul 2018
Pain The Telegraph Quick 04 Jul 2018
Unrelenting pain Universal 23 Jun 2018
Significant suffering Wall Street Journal 23 Jun 2018
10 on the pain scale Wall Street Journal 09 Jun 2018
What waiting for overdue results can be New York Times 27 Mar 2018
Suffering in the past ends in plain misery The Telegraph Cryptic 12 Mar 2018
". . . the ___ of defeat" USA Today 27 Feb 2018
Indefinite number engaged in system of exercises standing on head in pain The Telegraph Toughie 22 Nov 2017
Having one's wisdom teeth pulled, e.g New York Times 24 May 2017
Major pain The Washington Post 14 May 2017
Try to block some pain The Telegraph Toughie 04 May 2017
Excruciating pain New York Times 20 Feb 2017
Intense suffering USA Today 13 Jan 2017
Having one's wisdom teeth pulled, e.g.
State nobody wants to live in New York Times 21 Dec 2016
Deep distress Family Time 20 Nov 2016
Ecstasy opposite Universal 12 Jul 2016
Great suffering The Washington Post 25 Mar 2016
Unbearable pain Thomas Joseph 17 Feb 2016
Opposite of ecstasy Universal 01 Feb 2016
Intense feeling LA Times Daily 10 Jan 2016
Hell New York Times 28 Nov 2015
Intense pain The Washington Post 10 Nov 2015
'Into the Woods' song Wall Street Journal 22 Oct 2015
"... the ___ of defeat" Universal 15 Sep 2015
Miserable feeling USA Today 05 Jun 2015
Tortured feeling USA Today 07 Mar 2015
"Into the Woods" song
It's a big pain
Intense suspense, e.g.
Thrill's sporting opposite
Pain and suffering
Throes and woes
Prolonged suffering
Waiting, for the impatient, say
True pain
Breaking Benjamin "Dear ___"
You suffer when you're in it
Hellish suffering
Painful ordeal
The ___ of defeat
See 55-Across
Prolonged pain
Song from Sondheim's "Into the Woods"
"There is no greater ___ than bearing an untold story inside you": Maya Angelou
That tortured feeling
Awful struggle
". . . and the __ of defeat"
Unending pain
"The thrill of victory and the ___ of defeat"
It's a major pain
"... the __ of defeat"
Awful feeling
Emotion in defeat, sometimes
___ aunt (British advice columnist)
Sitting through a bad violin recital, say
Listening to an insufferable bore, often
Intense suspense, say
Intense distress
Cause for contortions
"The __ and the Ecstasy"
"The__ and the Ecstasy"
A long, amateurish piano recital, maybe
Defeat may bring it
Violent struggle
Extreme emotion
"The _____ and the Ecstasy"
Sitting through a bad piano recital, e.g.
"'The _____ and the Ecstasy"
It hurts
The ____ and the Ecstasy
Hard going
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