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Crossword Clues for AMEBA

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Clue Source Date
Single-celled creature LA Times Daily 16 Jun 2020
Simple organism Family Time 17 Feb 2020
Unicellular critter Eugene Sheffer 02 Aug 2019
Tiny swimmer The Washington Post 09 May 2019
Microscopic specimen The Washington Post 27 Oct 2018
Minute critter The Washington Post 30 Sep 2018
Single-celled organism Wall Street Journal 10 Feb 2018
Single-celled organism (var.) Universal 09 Jan 2018
Protozoa Canadiana 01 Jan 2018
Swimmer on a slide Wall Street Journal 16 Dec 2017
Unicellular creature Eugene Sheffer 05 Dec 2017
Slide presentation? New York Times 05 Oct 2017
Low life? New York Times 07 Jul 2016
One-celled critter LA Times Daily 26 Jun 2016
Single-celled lab specimen LA Times Daily 06 Jun 2016
Tiny life form LA Times Daily 29 Dec 2015
Single cell organism (var.) Universal 18 Jul 2015
Tiny organism (var.) USA Today 06 Jun 2015
Microscopic critter (var.) USA Today 27 Jan 2015
Slide specimen (var.)
Protozoa with pseudopodia (var.)
Microscopic creature (var.)
One-celled creature
Itsy-bitsy creature
Formless life form
One-celled organism
Blobby creature in a biology lab
Lab blob (var.)
Microscopic swimmer (var.)
Biology 101 subject (var.)
Organism that splits
One of the little things in life?
Amorphous creature
Lab subject
Bio lab blob
Tiny creature
One multiplying by dividing
Single-celled critter
Simple life? (var.)
One-celled protozoa (Var.)
Minute creature
Creature on a slide
Slide specimen
Slide presentation
One-celled organism (Var.)
Biology class topic
Simple life
Microscopic organism
Protozoa with pseudopodia
Microscope slide subject
Microscope slide creature (Var.)
Organism frequently seen in "The Far Side"
Unicellular organism
Microscopic creature
Tiny splitter
Microscopic swimmer
Slide subject
Simple lab specimen (Var.)
Microscopist's sighting (Var.)
Bio 101 subject (Var.)
Amorphous critter
It divides to multiply
Amorphous organism
Tiny critter
Sight on a slide
Microscope slide creature
It may divide on a slide
Single-celled protozoan
Tiny organism (Var.)
One-celled protozoan (Var.)
Marine biology subject
Biology 101 subject (Var.)
Biology 101 subject
Minuscule creature
Simple lab specimen
Blob in a pond
It multiplies by dividing
Single-celled blob
Single-celled organism (Var.)
Bit of marine life
Bio 101 subject
Simple life?
Marine protozoa
Pseudopod former
Real low life?
Protean life form
Bio lab specimen
Primitive creature
One-celled animal:var.
Cause of dysentery
Simple critter
If it divides, it multiplies
One-celled protozoan
Jellylike blob
"The Far Side" character, often: var.
Lab swimmer
Tiny organism
Basic organism
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.