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Crossword Clues for AMIGOS

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Clue Source Date
Friends USA Today 11 Nov 2020
Juan's pals Eugene Sheffer 03 Sep 2020
'¡Three ___!' (1986 comedy) Jonesin 16 Jul 2019
Baja buds Wall Street Journal 09 Jul 2019
Compadres Wall Street Journal 18 May 2019
Buenavista buds The Washington Post Sunday 24 Feb 2019
Comrades, in Cartagena Canadiana 07 Jan 2019
Cordoba compadres The Washington Post Sunday 31 Dec 2017
Baja buddies Wall Street Journal 17 Jul 2017
Mexican pals Newsday 11 Jul 2017
Pedro's pals Thomas Joseph 29 May 2017
Buddies, in Barcelona Wall Street Journal 16 May 2017
Pamplona pals Thomas Joseph 04 Mar 2017
Pals or compadres Universal 19 Jan 2017
Chihuahua friends Wall Street Journal 05 Aug 2016
''Compadres'' Newsday 17 Jul 2016
Mexican friends Universal 14 Jul 2016
Buddies, in Bogota Jonesin 05 Jul 2016
Title trio in a 1986 comedy New York Times 27 May 2016
French friend gets to go to Society of Spanish Friends Irish Times Crosaire 26 May 2016
Bugs and Daffy, to Speedy The Washington Post 07 Apr 2016
Barcelona buds Wall Street Journal 02 Apr 2016
Spanish buddies Universal 14 Aug 2015
1-Across' clique? Eugene Sheffer 20 Feb 2015
9-Across album "Adios ___"
1996 Paul Anka album of Spanish-language duets (Makes the perfect gift!)
Friends south of the border
Tampico pals
Barcelona buddies
1986 movie title trio
Chihuahua chums
Castro's friends
Pancho and the Cisco Kid, e.g.
Pablo's pals
Pals, to Dora the Explorer
Cancun compadres
Paco's pals
Guys to hang with
Córdoba cohorts
Film's "three caballeros," e.g.
Palenque pals
Gaucho's friends
Chiapas chums
Acapulco pals
Friends: Sp.
Puebla pals
"Three __!" (1986 film)
Buddies, in Baja
"Three ___," 1986 film
Panamanian pals
Friends, in Lima
Fidel's friends
Friendly fellows from Fajardo
Friends, in Toledo
Jose's friends
Yanqui's friends.
Friends in Tampico.
Mexican bordertown cronies.
"Saludos ___."
Mexican friends.
They're south of the border.
Friends in Acapulco.
Our Latin-American friends.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.