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Crossword Clues for AMOEBA

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Clue Source Date
Single-celled animal The Telegraph Quick 28 Nov 2020
One has one cell Universal 04 Nov 2020
Single-celled creature Newsday 04 Nov 2020
Tiny organism New York Times 04 Nov 2020
Blob on a slide New York Times 24 Sep 2020
Brainless creature Obama replaced absorbs energy The Sun Two Speed 23 Aug 2020
Single-celled organism USA Today 20 Aug 2020
Water protozoan Irish Times Simplex 30 Jul 2020
One-celled creature The Washington Post 08 Jul 2020
One-celled organism Thomas Joseph 23 Jun 2020
Little one on a slide The Washington Post 20 Jun 2020
Creature on a slide Jonesin 16 Jun 2020
Brainless life-form a second President recalled? The Sun Two Speed 30 Apr 2020
One-celled creature found in water Irish Times Simplex 30 Apr 2020
A leading entertainer in The Wild Bunch is a parasite Irish Times Crosaire 25 Apr 2020
One-celled swimmer Universal 20 Apr 2020
Simple organism Universal 16 Apr 2020
Simple swimmer Newsday 12 Apr 2020
Unicellular swimmer Premier Sunday 16 Feb 2020
Microscope slide creature USA Today 01 Dec 2019
Pond protozoan The Washington Post 14 Nov 2019
Creature with pseudopods Wall Street Journal 30 Jul 2019
Little shape-shifter The Washington Post Sunday 21 Jul 2019
Tiny thing on a slide The Washington Post Sunday 14 Apr 2019
Simple life form The Telegraph Quick 22 Feb 2019
Microscopic organism The Washington Post 20 Nov 2018
Slide presentation? New York Times 23 Oct 2018
Divisive creature Wall Street Journal 15 Sep 2018
Biology slide specimen Premier Sunday 05 Aug 2018
Rather small swimmer Newsday 16 Jun 2018
Simple life? New York Times 10 Jun 2018
Shape-shifter of interest to scientists The Washington Post Sunday 15 Apr 2018
Simple animal Wall Street Journal 28 Nov 2017
Biology notebook doodle The Washington Post 25 Nov 2017
A doctor with English degree and simple kind of life The Telegraph Cryptic 22 Nov 2017
Item on a lab slide Universal 03 Sep 2017
Single-celled swimmer Premier Sunday 23 Jul 2017
Protozoan genus The Washington Post 17 Jun 2017
Pseudopod organism Universal 02 May 2017
Creature on a microscope slide USA Today 27 Apr 2017
A crowd crossing middle of field by a very small animal The Telegraph Cryptic 07 Apr 2017
A graduate outside old English type of cell Irish Times Crosaire 22 Oct 2016
Possible parasite upset Lincoln after a short time The Times Cryptic 17 Aug 2016
One multiplying by division New York Times 17 Jun 2016
Shape-shifting animal Wall Street Journal 19 Mar 2016
Certain protozoan New York Times 16 Mar 2016
Organism with pseudopods The Washington Post 08 Mar 2016
Microscopic creature found in water Irish Times Simplex 21 Jan 2016
One having a simple existence New York Times 03 Jan 2016
Small shape-shifter Wall Street Journal 30 Dec 2015
Blobby being The Washington Post 05 Dec 2015
Simple being, a snake from the East slithering over bits of me The Telegraph Cryptic 05 Nov 2015
Shape-shifting creature Wall Street Journal 04 Nov 2015
Biology 101 specimen Newsday 18 Oct 2015
Slide subject LA Times Daily 09 Sep 2015
I love Latin -- with English graduate, it's an elementary thing The Telegraph Cryptic 08 Aug 2015
Blob that divides New York Times 04 Aug 2015
Itsy-bitsy creature Universal 13 Jun 2015
Tends to be under the microscope in the morning going around Spain with graduate Irish Times Crosaire 11 Apr 2015
Sailor rings Maurice from a single cell Irish Times Crosaire 01 Apr 2015
Organism on a slide
Biology lab slide specimen
Thing seen on a lab slide
Its genome is 100 times larger than humans'
Common 62 Across study
Lab slide creature
Shapeless organism
Low life
Organism once called a Proteus animalcule
Simple creature
Protozoa genus
Unicellular creature
Microscope subject
It divides to multiply
Wee creature
Tiny blob
Microscopic blob
Simple life
Shapeless cell
Lab subject
Microscope organism
Major Cali music store
Tiny creature
Slide specimen
Microscopic mover
Biology class subject
Unicellular organism
Slide sight
It multiplies by dividing
Cell on a slide
Single-cell organism
One-celled protozoan
Lab slide critter
Life Science specimen
Real low life?
Low life form
Pseudopod-forming organism
Creature that divides to multiply
Bio lab subject
Microscopic swimmer
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.