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Crossword Clues for AMOEBAS

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Clue Source Date
Things on the small slide? New York Times 31 Oct 2020
Single-celled organisms Irish Times Simplex 09 Oct 2020
Organisms that move via pseudopodia The Washington Post 15 Aug 2020
Tiny lab subjects The Washington Post 08 Dec 2019
Single-celled animals Wall Street Journal 21 May 2019
Unicellular animals USA Today 19 May 2018
Tiny shape-shifters The Washington Post 06 May 2018
Blobs on slides Universal 12 Oct 2017
When they divide they multiply Wall Street Journal 30 Sep 2017
One-celled creatures Thomas Joseph 21 Aug 2017
Organisms with pseudopods Wall Street Journal 22 Dec 2016
Slide presentations? New York Times 30 Jul 2016
Microscopic blobs The Washington Post 04 Mar 2016
Low life LA Times Daily 21 Nov 2015
Slide subjects
Images on some lab slides
Unicellular critters
Mitosis participants
Teensy critters
Creatures on a slide
They reproduce via mitosis
Pseudopod formers
Single-celled swimmers
They may be seen on slides
Studies under a microscope
Single-celled critters
One-celled organisms
School lab subjects
Examples of low life?
Biology class captives
Wee shape-shifters
Protozoans using pseudopods for locomotion
Single-celled creatures
Simple organisms
Simple life forms
Simple protozoans
Plasmatic sorts
Microscopic animals
Unicellular animals.
Certain animals.
Primitive animals.
Microscopic protean animals.
Low lifes?
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.