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Crossword Clues for ANCHOR

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Clue Source Date
A weight to secure a ship Irish Times Simplex 05 Nov 2020
TV presenter to make secure The Sun Two Speed 28 Oct 2020
News host The Sun Two Speed 28 Oct 2020
Implement for mooring ship The Telegraph Quick 11 Aug 2020
No arch when you drop it, oddly Irish Times Simplex 18 Jul 2020
Moor in Arabian chorus The Sun Two Speed 10 Jun 2020
Moor (a ship) The Telegraph Quick 11 May 2020
Popeye’s tattoo Wall Street Journal 11 May 2020
Establish a new singing group (not American) The Telegraph Toughie 07 May 2020
A weight to secure in place Irish Times Simplex 27 Apr 2020
Fix firmly in position The Times Concise 13 Apr 2020
Moor a ship at sea The Times Concise 08 Apr 2020
A task mostly employing northern TV presenter The Telegraph Cryptic 30 Oct 2019
Is responsible for 11 across securing the movement overseas Irish Times Crosaire 04 Sep 2019
Presents the news - there are no ties in chain store Irish Times Crosaire 11 Jul 2019
One goes to bed, dropping down heavily The Telegraph Cryptic 28 Jun 2019
Relay closer New York Times 05 May 2019
Moor The Telegraph Quick 28 Feb 2019
American news host The Sun Two Speed 25 Oct 2018
Secure, stabilise The Guardian Speedy 06 Oct 2018
Device to hold a ship Irish Times Simplex 17 Sep 2018
Heavy weight on an aircraft carrier The New Yorker 03 Sep 2018
News show VIP Newsday 08 May 2018
Security duty cut after article The Telegraph Toughie 26 Apr 2018
Ship's brake The Telegraph Quick 21 Apr 2018
Without taking sides, fancy short TV presenter The Telegraph Cryptic 15 Nov 2017
Source of stability The Telegraph Quick 04 Nov 2017
Amateur from musical hall gets nothing writing for presenter Irish Times Crosaire 14 Sep 2017
Mooring implement The Telegraph Quick 29 Aug 2017
It might prevent you from drifting off New York Times 10 Aug 2017
Popeye's tattoo Wall Street Journal 18 Jul 2017
News star Thomas Joseph 01 Jul 2017
Relay team member Eugene Sheffer 10 Jun 2017
Mansbridge or Newman Canadiana 29 May 2017
An errand to avoid the conclusion one's stuck in bed The Telegraph Toughie 11 Apr 2017
TV presenter The Telegraph Quick 24 Mar 2017
A new task detailed for newsreader The Telegraph Cryptic 23 Feb 2017
*Relay-team position The Chronicle of Higher Education 10 Feb 2017
Secure TV presenter The Times Cryptic 08 Feb 2017
TV news deliverer New York Times 07 Feb 2017
Top newscaster Newsday 14 Dec 2016
An unpleasant job, mainly, as TV presenter The Telegraph Cryptic 04 Dec 2016
Run at the end LA Times Daily 02 Dec 2016
Horse-breeding farm The Times Concise 04 Nov 2016
Lester Holt or Scott Pelley USA Today 31 Oct 2016
Debate moderator's day job, typically New York Times 23 Oct 2016
Chief newscaster The Washington Post 24 Aug 2016
American musical hall gets nothing writing for presenter Irish Times Crosaire 10 May 2016
Fix securely The Guardian Speedy 17 Apr 2016
Holder-down of an unexciting job that is never-ending The Times Cryptic 06 Apr 2016
It prevents a vessel from moving Irish Times Simplex 29 Jan 2016
Relay race closer LA Times Daily 13 Jan 2016
It's dropped on purpose LA Times Daily 07 Nov 2015
Ship's mooring The Times Concise 28 Oct 2015
Ship securer Newsday 22 Sep 2015
Radio presenter needing a new job shortly The Times Cryptic 03 Sep 2015
It holds a ship in place Irish Times Simplex 15 Apr 2015
Hold LA Times Daily 27 Mar 2015
Jimmy Buffett might drop it on vacation
Hold down
Person at the end of a tug-of-war rope
Coveted news job
Position in a relay
Anderson Cooper, e.g.
Network news VIP
Heavy thing on a ship
Diane Sawyer, for one
Relay's last runner
Rather, once
Newscast VIP
Last leg of a relay
Stabilizing influence
Something to weigh
Sailor's tattoo, perhaps
Object intentionally dropped
Katie Couric, for one
Newscast honcho
News coordinator
Hold fast
It can be dragged or dropped
News head
It goes overboard
Primary support person
Ultimate relay runner
News figure
Last leg runner
Object intentionally dropped on the floor
Nicholson role in "Broadcast News"
Common tattoo
Rather rank?
Keep from drifting
Rather, Jennings, or Brokaw
Item dropped in port
TV bigwig
Eleven o'clock VIP
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