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Crossword Clues for ANNEX

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Clue Source Date
Take (land) by conquest The Telegraph Quick 17 Jun 2020
Building wing Thomas Joseph 21 May 2020
Building addition LA Times Daily 11 May 2020
Building add-on Universal 15 Apr 2020
Supplementary structure Wall Street Journal 01 Apr 2020
Attach by conquest Newsday 03 Oct 2019
Add-on New York Times 14 Jun 2019
Take over, as land USA Today 15 Apr 2019
Incorporate Newsday 22 Mar 2019
Architectural extension Wall Street Journal 23 Feb 2019
Architect's addition The Washington Post 08 Feb 2019
Subsidiary structure The Washington Post 24 Jan 2019
Addition to building The Telegraph Quick 17 Nov 2018
Seize The Telegraph Quick 15 Nov 2018
Acquire forcibly, as land USA Today 09 Nov 2018
Attach Premier Sunday 16 Sep 2018
Secondary building New York Times 10 Sep 2018
Building extension The Washington Post 12 Jun 2018
Take without asking New York Times 07 Mar 2018
Building's extra Universal 09 Feb 2018
Add to the end The Telegraph Quick 27 Jan 2018
New wing, e.g USA Today 23 Dec 2017
Add by appropriating Wall Street Journal 29 Nov 2017
Incorporate, as the U.S. did Texas USA Today 08 Nov 2017
Wing Wall Street Journal 28 Oct 2017
Add on Thomas Joseph 05 Oct 2017
Add as an extra part The Times Concise 14 Sep 2017
Addition to a document The Times Concise 23 Jun 2017
Take by force, as land USA Today 07 May 2017
New wing, say The Chronicle of Higher Education 14 Apr 2017
Subsidiary building Newsday 05 Mar 2017
Add to the end; take possession of The Telegraph Quick 03 Feb 2017
An addition that extends a main building Irish Times Simplex 18 Jan 2017
Edifice addition The Washington Post 10 Jan 2017
New wing, e.g.
Take over Newsday 17 Dec 2016
Wing, perhaps LA Times Daily 11 Aug 2016
Added wing Universal 02 Apr 2016
Architect's afterthought Universal 16 Nov 2015
Append Premier Sunday 21 Jun 2015
Building attachment USA Today 17 May 2015
Forcibly acquire, as a territory
Tack on
Take on new territory
Architectural wing, e.g.
Incorporate, as new territory
Fast-growing school's need, perhaps
Addition to a school, say
Addition to a building
Architect's wing
Add, as territory
New wing
Proposal for business expansion
Take, as territory
"Secret ___" (where Anne Frank wrote her diary)
Architectural addition
Auxiliary building
Appropriate, in a way
Not the main building
Building extra
Claim, as land
Incorporate into a city
Building adjunct
Take without permission
Incorporate into a city, as territory
Bring into the city limits
Extension on the main building
Architectural wing
It wasn't part of the original plan
Wing that won't aid in flying
Library addition
Ell, perhaps
Building afterthought
Wing that won't fly
Incorporate, as land
Add to the city
Take land
Incorporate, as territory
Room for expansion
Museum wing, perhaps
Put a wing on
Incorporate new territory
Take over land e.g.
Building s building
Architectural afterthought
Take over property
Expansion consequence, perhaps
Building part
Auxiliary structure
Take over, in a way
Take in
School addition
Eli, often
Appropriate without permission
Growing family's requirement
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.