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Crossword Clues for APPT

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Clue Source Date
Date, for short Newsday 17 Sep 2020
Calendar entry (Abbr.) Eugene Sheffer 12 Sep 2020
Datebook entry: Abbr Newsday 30 Jun 2020
Dr. visit Thomas Joseph 17 Apr 2020
****Datebook entry, briefly (1 and 2) Universal 06 Dec 2019
Date with an MD Newsday 22 Oct 2019
Cal. entry The Washington Post 23 Aug 2019
Datebook abbr Wall Street Journal 22 Jul 2019
Receptionist's notation: Abbr New York Times 10 May 2019
Datebook abbr.
Receptionist's notation: Abbr.
Engagement, for short Newsday 27 Apr 2018
Datebook entry (Abbr.) USA Today 28 Feb 2018
Datebook entry: Abbr.
Sched. listing Wall Street Journal 04 Nov 2017
Datum for a secy New York Times 04 Aug 2017
Date with the doc The Washington Post 28 Jun 2017
Date bk. entry The Washington Post 11 Apr 2017
Visit to the M.D Wall Street Journal 25 Mar 2017
Calendar reminder: Abbr Wall Street Journal 30 Jan 2017
Cal. marking Wall Street Journal 18 Jan 2017
Datum for a secy.
Date with the dr Wall Street Journal 06 Dec 2016
Dr.'s visit LA Times Daily 21 Nov 2016
Abbr. in an organizer Jonesin 08 Nov 2016
Time to see the doc, e.g The Washington Post 05 Nov 2016
Scheduled mtg Newsday 02 Nov 2016
Date with an M.D USA Today 06 Oct 2016
Rendezvous of a sort (abbr.) The Washington Post 12 Sep 2016
Calendar notation: Abbr New York Times 14 Jul 2016
iCal entry LA Times Daily 27 Mar 2016
PDA listing Wall Street Journal 27 Feb 2016
Date with a Dr The Washington Post 19 Feb 2016
Event on a doctor's calendar (abbr.) The Washington Post 05 Feb 2016
Calendar notation: Abbr.
Scheduled dr. visit Newsday 02 Dec 2015
HMO visit The Washington Post 07 Nov 2015
Cal. jotting Wall Street Journal 28 Oct 2015
Something scheduled by a secy Wall Street Journal 26 Oct 2015
Calendar entry, for short Jonesin 09 Jul 2015
Cal. listing LA Times Daily 26 Apr 2015
PDA entry Newsday 13 Feb 2015
Something scheduled by a secy.
Scheduled mtg.
Mtg. with a doctor
Datebook notation: Abbr.
Date with a dr.
Patient request: Abbr.
Date with the dr., say
Date with the MD
Biz date
Datebook entry (abbr.)
Google calendar entry: Abbr.
Meeting with an atty.
Date with a Dr.
Med. visit
Thing on a doc's sked
Date with a doctor: Abbr.
Dr.'s requirement
8-Down, e.g.: Abbr.
PDA input
Engagement: Abbr.
Part of a sched.
Date-book entry: Abbr.
Entry in a PDA
Session with an M.D.
Entry in a datebook (abbr.)
Dental date (abbr.)
Arrangement with a dr.
Datebook listing: Abbr.
Date with an M.D.
Time to see the Dr.
Pocket PC entry
Notation in a datebook (abbr.)
Calendar notation, for short
Abbr. on a doctor's schedule
MD's calendar listing
Dr.'s calendar item
Engagement (abbr.)
Prearranged mtg.
Physical need?: Abbr.
Abbr. on a schedule
Date-bk. entry
PDA notation
Date with one's dr.
Sched. entry
Meeting with an M.D.
Planner abbr.
Date with a DDS
Lunch date, for one: Abbr.
Date bk. notation
Date with the dentist (abbr.)
Date with a D.D.S.
Datebook entry, for short
Engagement calendar entry: Abbr.
Date with a doc.
Scheduled time with an M.D.
Part of a GP's schedule
It's on the sched.
Part of an M.D.'s sched.
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