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Crossword Clues for APSES

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Clue Source Date
Semicircular recesses The Washington Post Sunday 29 Nov 2020
Alcoves that may have shrines New York Times 12 Nov 2020
Church parts Thomas Joseph 07 Nov 2020
Religious recesses Wall Street Journal 26 Aug 2020
Recesses in basilicas Wall Street Journal 16 Jun 2020
Altar locales Family Time 03 May 2020
Areas for religious statues LA Times Daily 15 Apr 2020
Church recesses New York Times 24 Feb 2020
Cathedral sections The Washington Post Sunday 09 Feb 2020
Cathedral areas The Washington Post 12 Nov 2019
Sites for stained glass Newsday 05 Oct 2019
Vaulted church areas The Washington Post 11 Jun 2019
Church areas Thomas Joseph 18 Apr 2019
Basilica areas Eugene Sheffer 13 Apr 2019
Areas with hemispherical vaults Wall Street Journal 11 Apr 2019
Altar areas Family Time 11 Feb 2019
Stained glass settings The Washington Post 19 Oct 2018
Recesses in Parliament seen initially during mass uprising? The Telegraph Toughie 02 Oct 2018
Notre Dame nooks New York Times 08 Aug 2018
Altar holders Universal 07 Aug 2018
They may have stained-glass windows New York Times 07 Jul 2018
Where altars are anchored Universal 17 Jun 2018
Church sections Universal 28 Apr 2018
Vault settings Wall Street Journal 25 Apr 2018
Places for stained-glass windows Universal 01 Apr 2018
Recesses with stained glass windows USA Today 12 Jan 2018
Vaulted recesses Wall Street Journal 20 Dec 2017
Altar sites New York Times 12 Nov 2017
Cathedral recesses Wall Street Journal 19 Jun 2017
Sites of vaults Wall Street Journal 20 May 2017
Spots for religious statues The Washington Post 11 May 2017
Vaulted alcoves The Washington Post 29 Apr 2017
Altar sites, often USA Today 28 Apr 2017
Areas where clerics are seated New York Times 21 Apr 2017
Basilica recesses USA Today 07 Dec 2016
Settings of some vaults Wall Street Journal 03 Nov 2016
Work sites for stained-glass installers Newsday 22 Oct 2016
Altar locations Newsday 26 Jun 2016
Sites of some vaults Wall Street Journal 21 Apr 2016
Cathedral parts Wall Street Journal 11 Apr 2016
Locales of some religious statues The Washington Post 01 Dec 2015
Cathedral features New York Times 02 Oct 2015
Altar settings USA Today 11 Aug 2015
Certain parts of churches USA Today 10 Jun 2015
Further thought blocking return of main recesses The Times Cryptic 23 Mar 2015
Quartet in a cathedral, maybe New York Times 13 Mar 2015
Altar recesses
Semicircular church areas
Areas where knots might be tied
Vaulted areas
Places for prayer leaders
Sanctuary sections
Vaulted recesses of churches
They may be vaulted
Areas for some kneelers
Church niches
Architectural recesses
Church projections
Where vaults can be seen
Areas near altars
Vaulted church recesses
Places for altars
Some recesses
Some places to pray
Cathedral niches
Stained-glass window locations
Basilica sections
Church altar areas
Spots in churches for some vaulting
Spots for altars
Sites for bishops' thrones
Places for 19-Across
Areas often decorated with stained glass
Places for some icons
Areas connected to an ambulatory, sometimes
Domed-roof structures
Basilicas' sections
Nave neighbors
Half-dome structures
Sites of some religious statues
Conic sections
Basilica rooms
Church aisle finishers
Church parts, perhaps
Choirs' neighbors
Areas next to a great hall
Choir neighbors
Church nooks
Places for many stained-glass windows
Basilica spots
Where to find altars
Vaulted settings
Church alcoves
Semidome sites
Notre Dame has several of these
Areas usually decorated with stained glass
Architectural projections
Niches in churches
Transept neighbors
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.