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Crossword Clues for ARSENIC

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Clue Source Date
Element; poison The Times Concise 07 Nov 2020
As with races in ground? Irish Times Crosaire 29 Aug 2020
Toxic element The Sun Two Speed 26 Aug 2020
Poison misused in scare The Sun Two Speed 26 Aug 2020
Poison sarnie upset Charlie The Sun Two Speed 15 Jun 2020
"__ and Old Lace" LA Times Daily 07 May 2020
'__ and Old Lace' The Washington Post 07 May 2020
Element #33 Wall Street Journal 25 Apr 2020
Poison The Sun Two Speed 19 Nov 2019
Element of certain murder mysteries? The Sun Two Speed 19 Nov 2019
Toxic element whose name is often used for its trioxide The Times Specialist Sunday 11 Aug 2019
Poisoner caught by snare I set in motion The Sun Two Speed 01 Aug 2019
Brittle grey-green semi-metal, atomic number 33 The Guardian Speedy 23 Jun 2019
Poisonous element in medicines, rarely on the counter The Telegraph Cryptic 26 May 2019
Poison sarnie wrecked Charlie The Sun Two Speed 01 May 2019
Ratsbane The Times Concise 24 Mar 2019
Chemical element, atomic number 33 The Times Specialist Sunday 10 Mar 2019
Poison in some whodunits The Washington Post 20 Dec 2018
Poison involved in scare The Sun Two Speed 11 Oct 2018
As, to Einstein Newsday 29 Jul 2018
Poisoner tainted sarnie with dash of cyanide The Telegraph Cryptic 11 Jun 2018
Whodunit poison Thomas Joseph 25 Apr 2018
As for this, it can be disseminated in scare The Telegraph Toughie 15 Mar 2018
Deadly element Thomas Joseph 01 Feb 2018
A poison The Telegraph Quick 13 Nov 2017
As Wenger, finish off in charge The Telegraph Toughie 04 Oct 2017
Poisonous element The Times Concise 15 Sep 2017
Element in murder mysteries USA Today 11 Jul 2017
Crane is poisoned -- with this? The Telegraph Cryptic 27 Jun 2017
Poison's drunk in scare The Telegraph Cryptic 16 May 2017
It's below phosphorus on the periodic table The Washington Post 20 Oct 2016
As, for Einstein Newsday 08 Oct 2016
Poison scare in stews The Telegraph Cryptic 29 Sep 2016
As it is, when reduced to symbol The Telegraph Cryptic 25 Sep 2016
Poisonous type of jockey in races Irish Times Crosaire 13 Aug 2016
What gets As in chemistry? New York Times 31 Jul 2016
Poison used by old ladies in an old comedy The Washington Post 09 Jul 2016
Chemical element in some whodunits The Washington Post 07 Apr 2016
' and Old Lace' Eugene Sheffer 05 Jan 2016
Pesticide poison LA Times Daily 15 Dec 2015
Poison in classic mysteries Universal 26 Aug 2015
'___ and Old Lace' (play and movie) New York Times 01 Jun 2015
Powerful poison Irish Times Simplex 25 May 2015
Poison found in races Irish Times Simplex 08 Apr 2015
As, on the periodic table LA Times Daily 16 Mar 2015
As is nacre, surprisingly The Telegraph Cryptic 03 Mar 2015
As in races, racing ... The Telegraph Toughie 25 Feb 2015
"___ and Old Lace" (play and movie)
Murder mystery element?
Suspected cause of Napoleon's death
Lethal additive to elderberry wine, in a Kesselring black comedy
Element of many whodunits
Poison used in a play and film
Ingredient of the Brewster sisters' elderberry wine
Elderberry wine additive, in a classic film
Abby and Martha's poison of choice, in a 1939 play
Poison in some mysteries
Straight As in chemistry?
Once-common pesticide component
#33 on a table
Poisonous element that flavors a sauce in "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch"
Element of many murder mysteries?
One of the metalloids
Killer in some murder mysteries
Elderberry wine additive, in a Kesselring play
As, chemically
Element in insecticides
Pesticide ingredient
One of two elements that ends with the letter C
Element in many Agatha Christie books
As, on a table
Poisonous atomic number 33
Stuff in rat poison
It's detected by the Marsh test, in forensics
"___ and Old Lace" (Joseph Kesselring play)
Toxicology concern
As, in formulas
Killer in a Kesselring play
"Old Lace" companion
Poison used in a play
Rat poison poison
Old Lace's partner
"___ and Old Lace"
Insecticide ingredient
Insecticide poison
Cause of Philip Boyes's death in a Dorothy Sayers novel
As, in the lab
Christie element
Partner of Old Lace
Element forming poisonous compounds
"Old Lace" accompaniment
Mystery-story poison
Element in many a whodunit.
"___ and Old Lace."
An element.
Pharmacopoeia item.
Subject of a Lindsay-Crouse play.
Companion of "Old Lace."
Medicine or poison.
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