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Crossword Clues for ASPHALT

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Clue Source Date
Surfacing material The Sun Two Speed 12 Nov 2020
Snake to stop this on road The Sun Two Speed 12 Nov 2020
Paver's work stuff Canadiana 12 Oct 2020
Road material The Sun Two Speed 27 Jul 2020
Paths laid out round a large pitch The Sun Two Speed 27 Jul 2020
Stop after snake makes for pitch The Telegraph Cryptic 11 May 2020
Pothole filler Universal 13 Jan 2020
It can pave the way Wall Street Journal 19 Dec 2019
Road-building material The Telegraph Quick 11 Oct 2019
Dark substance used in road surfaces Irish Times Simplex 27 Sep 2019
Paving supply Universal 18 Sep 2019
It covers a lot of ground New York Times 31 Jul 2019
It can cover a lot The Washington Post 27 Jun 2019
Road surfacing material The Times Concise 19 Nov 2018
Rocky road ingredient? Wall Street Journal 25 Aug 2018
Snaky type gets to pull the plug on that lot from The Street Irish Times Crosaire 07 Jul 2018
Ophidian having rest on pitch The Telegraph Toughie 11 Jan 2018
It might be on the road for years The Washington Post 20 Oct 2017
Road tar Canadiana 25 Sep 2017
Paving material Eugene Sheffer 15 Jul 2017
It's used to pave the way New York Times 24 May 2017
It might make a lot Wall Street Journal 15 Mar 2017
Road surface that makes crawler come to complete stop The Telegraph Cryptic 16 Jan 2017
Bituminous substance used in building Irish Times Simplex 28 Oct 2016
Road surfacing The Times Concise 26 Sep 2016
Driveway material, for some Family Time 31 Jul 2016
Supply for 9-Down New York Times 14 Jul 2016
Driveway material Universal 23 Jun 2016
Blacktop makeup Jonesin 14 Jun 2016
Paving stuff Thomas Joseph 11 Jun 2016
Arrest follows poisoner arriving at surface The Times Cryptic 27 Apr 2016
What's used for path, as relaid around lake? The Telegraph Cryptic 22 Feb 2016
Road-buiding material The Telegraph Quick 05 Feb 2016
Road material, a tar spread round both ends of path The Telegraph Cryptic 24 Oct 2015
Stop by snake and put it on road The Telegraph Toughie 10 Jul 2015
Cement alternative Universal 24 May 2015
What tops a road atlas changed to include public house on maps? The Times Cryptic 25 Mar 2015
Broadway makeup Wall Street Journal 02 Jan 2015
Dubliners' song about "Hot" pavement?
Jungle description in a 1950 film noir
Driveway type
Paver's supply
Sidewalk surface
Road crew supply
Pavement material
Urban playground surface
Sidewalk covering
It might be on the road
Court cover-up?
Cloverleaf cover
Petroleum by-product
Turnpike topper
Driveway surface
Material that coats arteries
Hard playing surface
Roof shingle material
It's on many arteries
It covers a lot of ground on highways
It paves the way
It covers some arteries
'The -- Jungle' ('50 film)
Hard covering
Cobblestone alternative
Raod crew's supply
Garage surface
Road-paving material
Macadam binder
Road base
Road surface
Tarmac material
Like Burnett's jungle
"The ___ Jungle"
Mineral tar.
Tarlike substance.
Product of Trinidad.
Paving material from Trinidad.
"The ___ Jungle."
Mineral pitch.
Paving material.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.