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Crossword Clues for ASPIRE

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Clue Source Date
Aim for higher things The Times Concise 10 Jun 2020
Have lofty goals Wall Street Journal 13 May 2020
Set a high goal LA Times Daily 12 Apr 2020
Have hopes (to) Newsday 12 Apr 2020
Have high hopes Wall Street Journal 19 Mar 2020
Seek (to do something) The Times Concise 18 Mar 2020
Have great plans LA Times Daily 06 Feb 2020
Set lofty goals USA Today 31 Oct 2019
Aim Universal 28 Oct 2019
Shoot for, with 'to' The Washington Post 27 Oct 2019
Shoot for, with "to" LA Times Daily 27 Oct 2019
Have as a goal The Telegraph Quick 26 Oct 2019
Have ambitions The Sun Two Speed 25 Oct 2019
Dream when given ripe bananas The Sun Two Speed 25 Oct 2019
Set one's sights on, with 'to' USA Today 23 Oct 2019
Aim high Premier Sunday 06 Oct 2019
Have goals New York Times 19 Sep 2019
Hunger as king tucks into pie The Sun Two Speed 21 Aug 2019
Have a lofty goal Universal 06 Aug 2019
A father must entertain quiet hope The Telegraph Cryptic 22 May 2019
Dream New York Times 20 Apr 2019
Be ambitious Family Time 17 Feb 2019
Set one's sights on, with "to"
More than dream The Washington Post 28 Dec 2018
Verb from the Latin for ''breathe upon'' Newsday 01 Dec 2018
Have high ambitions USA Today 26 Oct 2018
Have hopes Thomas Joseph 16 Oct 2018
Set one's heart on, with 'to' USA Today 25 Aug 2018
Have grand plans The Washington Post 08 Aug 2018
Have lofty dreams Wall Street Journal 17 Jul 2018
Have a strong desire to achieve something Irish Times Simplex 27 Jun 2018
Aim when facing pressure and anger The Telegraph Cryptic 24 May 2018
Have a lofty ambition USA Today 02 Apr 2018
Have ambitions for one of them in O'Connell Street Irish Times Crosaire 20 Mar 2018
Set a lofty goal USA Today 16 Feb 2018
Hope to see a steeple The Sun Two Speed 13 Feb 2018
Set one's heart on, with "to"
Have dreams The Washington Post Sunday 24 Dec 2017
Have an ambitious plan or lofty goal Irish Times Simplex 08 Nov 2017
Reach for the stars Universal 21 Oct 2017
Have grand ambitions The Washington Post 07 Oct 2017
Seek ambitiously The Washington Post 28 May 2017
Hopeful's term The Washington Post 25 Mar 2017
Be a wannabe New York Times 11 Feb 2017
Strive New York Times 04 Dec 2016
Have an ambitious plan or a lofty goal Irish Times Simplex 23 Nov 2016
Have lofty aims in reforming Persia The Times Cryptic 14 Oct 2016
Shoot for the moon USA Today 23 Sep 2016
Harbor high hopes New York Times 02 Aug 2016
Head dropping, despair at work? The opposite The Times Cryptic 31 Mar 2016
Hope to make a steeple The Sun Two Speed 22 Dec 2015
Eagerly desire to have a dreamy Oxford feature The Telegraph Cryptic 18 Dec 2015
Long for (with "to") Universal 11 Dec 2015
Hope (to achieve) The Times Concise 24 Nov 2015
Long Wall Street Journal 14 Nov 2015
Shoot for (with "to") Universal 03 Nov 2015
Aim for a high place in the Church The Telegraph Cryptic 07 Sep 2015
Be ambitious, desire eagerly The Telegraph General Knowledge 19 Jul 2015
Work toward a goal Universal 04 Mar 2015
Have hopes that may never be fulfilled
Have an ambitious plan
Reach for the sky
Have as a goal, with "to"
Long for, with "to"
Hope (to)
Dream big
Aim (to)
Seek, with "to"
Have a goal
Harbor an ambition (to)
Have ambition
Really long
Set goals
Part 2 of quip
Have big plans (to)
Aim ambitiously
Strongly desire
Set one's sights
Have as a purpose
Have a dream
Strive toward
Wish, with "to"
Wish for, with to
Yearn or steeple part?
Have political goals
Not be resigned to one's lot
Long (to)
Strive upward
Seek after
Have one's heart set on
Eagerly wish
Shoot for
Desire eagerly
Have high goals
Yuppies do it
Have high objectives
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.