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Crossword Clues for AUSTERE

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Clue Source Date
Far from fancy Newsday 26 Sep 2020
Strict tea-user seen sloshed The Sun Two Speed 19 Sep 2020
Severely plain The Sun Two Speed 19 Sep 2020
True: sea can be cold The Sun Two Speed 06 Sep 2020
Spartan The Sun Two Speed 06 Sep 2020
American sitting in a tree, unusually ascetic The Telegraph Cryptic 13 Aug 2020
Uncompromising The Washington Post Sunday 19 Apr 2020
Forbidding LA Times Daily 15 Apr 2020
Puritanical tea-user soused The Sun Two Speed 04 Mar 2020
Stern, serious The Telegraph Quick 01 Feb 2020
Harsh wind facing leader of elves The Telegraph Toughie 25 Dec 2019
Grave, unsmiling Irish Times Simplex 07 Nov 2019
Gold music player? Not totally serious The Telegraph Toughie 01 Nov 2019
Spartan, simple Irish Times Simplex 15 Oct 2019
Stern or very plain Irish Times Simplex 14 Jun 2019
No-frills New York Times 13 Apr 2019
Grave Thomas Joseph 23 Jan 2019
Abstemious Canadiana 21 Jan 2019
True: sea strangely cold The Sun Two Speed 16 Dec 2018
Sober tea-user collapsed The Sun Two Speed 06 Dec 2018
Strict The Guardian Speedy 20 Oct 2018
Like Brutalist architecture New York Times 03 Oct 2018
Severe The Telegraph Quick 06 Sep 2018
Like monastic life USA Today 02 Jul 2018
Severe sort of wind heading for England The Telegraph Cryptic 25 May 2018
Strict tea user seen drunk The Sun Two Speed 08 May 2018
Stern The Telegraph Quick 30 Apr 2018
Lacking luxury Thomas Joseph 30 Mar 2018
Stark gold trees uprooted The Sun Two Speed 02 Jan 2018
Bare, harsh The Sun Two Speed 02 Jan 2018
Severe in manner The Times Concise 13 Dec 2017
Spartan saint seen in gold before The Telegraph Cryptic 30 Sep 2017
Starkly simple Wall Street Journal 04 Apr 2017
Reserved for mint tea user Irish Times Crosaire 24 Sep 2016
Tight, budgetwise Universal 16 Dec 2015
Hardly lavish Family Time 30 Nov 2015
Severely simple The Telegraph Quick 19 Sep 2015
Simple stone set in gold, shell-like reportedly The Telegraph Toughie 16 Jul 2015
Severe features relaxed — not feminine The Times Cryptic 29 Jun 2015
Severe in appearance The Times Concise 18 May 2015
Like monastery life
Stern in appearance
Somber and grave
Hardly luxurious
Like many budgets, these days
Stern and cold
Far from comfortable
Like Spartan living
Lacking adornment
Bleak and forbidding
Lacking ornament.
Not given to luxury.
Adjective for England.
Word for not-so-Merry England.
Describes England's program.
Mr. Dombey's disposition.
Havin acerbity.
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