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Crossword Clues for AWOKE

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Clue Source Date
Came to Thomas Joseph 20 Nov 2020
Emulated Van Winkle, after 20 years LA Times Daily 07 Oct 2020
Left dreamland Newsday 28 Jun 2020
Stopped sleeping USA Today 10 May 2020
Came around to middle-class taking Chinese pot and drugs Irish Times Crosaire 19 Mar 2020
Responded to an alarm Family Time 01 Dec 2019
Rose The Washington Post 29 Jun 2019
Emerged from sleep The Times Concise 15 Apr 2019
Heeded the alarm USA Today 07 Apr 2019
Heard the alarm clock Eugene Sheffer 30 Mar 2019
Stirred New York Times 15 Feb 2019
Got up The Washington Post 27 Jan 2019
Came round in casualty, having consumed Chinese pot The Telegraph Toughie 24 Jan 2019
Opened one's eyes Universal 06 Dec 2018
Responded to reveille USA Today 01 Nov 2018
Emerged from slumber The Washington Post Sunday 13 May 2018
Stopped snoozing USA Today 18 Mar 2018
Got out of bed Universal 18 Jan 2018
Came to take a bow without bat Irish Times Crosaire 21 Sep 2017
Ended a 56-Down USA Today 16 Aug 2017
Stirred from sleep Premier Sunday 11 Jun 2017
Greeted the day The Washington Post 19 Dec 2016
Heard the alarm Newsday 24 Jul 2016
Returned from dreamland Newsday 28 Jun 2016
Became active again The Times Concise 05 May 2016
Came around after a knockout USA Today 29 Jan 2016
Started the day Newsday 13 May 2015
Shook, maybe New York Times 04 Apr 2015
Heard the rooster Eugene Sheffer 29 Jan 2015
Responded to the alarm
Phish "She whispered words and I ___"
Came out of sleep
Began to move
Exited dreamland
Phish "And I ___, and faintly bouncing round the room ..."
Finished napping
Blinked the sleep from one's eyes
Stopped slumbering
Heard the clock alarm
Roused from sleep
Responded to the rooster
Left slumberland
Stirred up, as memories
Came around
Left the arms of Morpheus
Came alive
Began to stir
Stirred after a shaking
Answered the alarm
Shut off the alarm
Left Nod
Heard the bugler
Ignored the snooze button?
Left the land of Nod
Finished a nap
Left Morpheus's arms
Came to life.
Began a new day.
Called forth, as memories.
Became active.
Roused from sleep.
What Abou ben Adhem did one night.
Quit sleep.
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