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Crossword Clues for AYRES

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Clue Source Date
Actor Lew Thomas Joseph 10 Nov 2020
Lew in old films The Washington Post 23 Jun 2019
Old-time actor Lew The Washington Post 14 Apr 2019
Actor Lew of 'All Quiet on the Western Front' Jonesin 25 Sep 2018
Lew in old movies The Washington Post 17 Aug 2017
Contemporary poet could take a break, not mark time The Telegraph Toughie 23 Sep 2016
'All Quiet on the Western Front' star Lew Jonesin 31 May 2016
Lew who was married to Ginger Rogers Wall Street Journal 24 Mar 2016
Kildare's portrayer in 1940s films Wall Street Journal 11 Dec 2015
Lew of 'State Fair' Premier Sunday 01 Nov 2015
'30s-'40s Kildare portrayer LA Times Daily 18 Apr 2015
Kildare portrayer once married to Ginger Rogers
Lew of Dr. Kildare fame
1948 Best Actor nominee Lew
Kildare player Lew
1948 Best Actor nominee for "Johnny Belinda"
Lew of "All Quiet on the Western Front"
Dr. Kildare of filmdom
Old-time actor Lew of "Advise and Consent"
Lew of Dr. Kildare films
Lew who played Dr. Kildare
Star of "Young Dr. Kildare"
Lew of "Johnny Belinda"
Dr. Kildare portrayer
"All Quiet on the Western Front" star Lew
Kildare of filmdom
Lew of "Holiday"
"All Quiet on the Western Front" star
Filmdom's Dr. Kildare
Dr. Kildare portrayer of film
Lew of film
"State Fair" actor Lew
Dr. Kildare portrayer Lew ____
Actor Lew of "Holiday"
Actor Lew ___
"Johnny Belinda" costar Lew
Star Lew
Pacifist actor Lew
"Johnny Belinda" actor Lew
Lew or Mitchell
English romance writer Ruby
He played Dr. Kildare
First Dr. Kildare
Hollywood's Dr. Kildare
A portrayer of Dr. Kildare
A Dr. Kildare portrayer
Portrayer of Dr. Kildare
Lew in "Holiday"
Movies' Dr. Kildare
Lew of "Dr. Kildare"
Early Dr. Kildare
Mitchell or Lew
Lew of the movies
Film actor Lew
Hollywood actor.
Actor Lew.
Dr. Kildare then.
Lew of the films.
Lew of the cinema.
Lew of Hollywood.
Movie star.
Lew of the movies.
Ruby M. ___, British novelist.
Agnes or Lew.
Original Dr. Kildare.
Lew ___, in "The Capture."
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.