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Crossword Clues for BAAS

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Clue Source Date
What lambs' conversations are full of? Family Time 02 Nov 2020
Sheep farm sounds Universal 19 Oct 2020
Sounds from the flock Wall Street Journal 27 Apr 2020
Sheep sounds USA Today 21 Dec 2019
Sheepish remarks Eugene Sheffer 14 Oct 2019
Bleats New York Times 29 Jul 2019
Sounds at shearings The Washington Post 24 Jun 2019
Flock noises Newsday 28 Apr 2019
Sounds at MacDonald's Newsday 08 Mar 2019
Ram sounds Thomas Joseph 06 Feb 2019
Sheep cries Universal 24 Jan 2019
Meadow bleats The Washington Post 25 Dec 2018
Meadow plaints The Washington Post 13 Oct 2018
Sheepish remarks? Canadiana 20 Aug 2018
Bighorn calls Universal 02 Aug 2018
Sheep calls Premier Sunday 24 Jun 2018
Pasture sounds Universal 03 Jun 2018
Cote cries Thomas Joseph 04 May 2018
Parts of cote tales? The Washington Post 30 Apr 2018
Lea sounds The Washington Post 25 Feb 2018
Cote calls Eugene Sheffer 29 Jan 2018
Sounds of shear delight Universal 03 Dec 2017
Sounds sheepish? The Chronicle of Higher Education 06 Oct 2017
Sounds from sheep Newsday 22 Aug 2017
Pastoral plaints The Washington Post 13 Aug 2017
Sheepish sounds Universal 30 Jul 2017
'Old MacDonald Had a Farm' sounds New York Times 28 Aug 2016
Calls from the flock USA Today 04 Aug 2016
Meadow sounds The Washington Post 22 Jul 2016
Utters, like a sheep Universal 04 Mar 2016
Cotswold cries Universal 01 Feb 2016
Cote chorus Universal 23 Jan 2016
"Old MacDonald Had a Farm" sounds
Peeps heard by Bo Peep New York Times 27 Dec 2015
They're heard in herds LA Times Daily 06 Dec 2015
Statements from a black sheep USA Today 28 Nov 2015
Petting-zoo sounds Newsday 22 Nov 2015
Dolly's calls Premier Sunday 22 Nov 2015
Emulates sheep USA Today 26 Oct 2015
Pastoral sounds Newsday 11 Oct 2015
Cotswold sounds USA Today 09 Oct 2015
What shearers hear Newsday 26 Jun 2015
Meadow cries New York Times 20 May 2015
Rural calls New York Times 17 May 2015
Farm cries LA Times Daily 10 Apr 2015
Barnyard bleats New York Times 20 Jan 2015
Herd sounds
Calls to the shepherd
Some farm sounds
Sheepish statements
Ewes' calls
Ovine calls
"The Whiffenpoof Song" repetitions
Petting zoo sounds
The non-silence of lambs
Sounds from the meadow
Farm sounds
Calls to Bo Peep
Barnyard bellows
Pasture calls
Cote sounds
Bighorn bleats
Barnyard noises
Sheep noises
Acts sheepish?
Calls from a 27-Down
They're heard in a herd
"The Whiffenpoof Song" sound effects
They're heard from shepherds' herds
Cries from the flock
21-Across sounds
Fold calls
Cote bleats
Calls to Mary?
Petting zoo noises
Sounds in "Old MacDonald Had a Farm"
Calls to Bo-Peep
Sounds from a meadow, perhaps
Calls to Mary
Sounds heard by 57-Across
Missed signals from Little Boy Blue, maybe
Flock sounds
"The Whiffenpoof Song" words
Sheep trills
Cotswold calls
Meadow calls
Kids' greetings
Shropshire sounds
Bighorn sounds
Barnyard calls
Farm calls
Cries from the fold
Flock's remarks
Lambs' laments
Farmyard sounds
Sheep's cries
Ranch calls
Flock calls
Cote comments
Pen protests
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.