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Crossword Clues for BABU

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Clue Source Date
Hindu title of respect New York Times 21 Oct 2020
Sir, to a Hindu Family Time 30 Mar 2020
Male title for Hindus in some parts of India The Telegraph General Knowledge 28 Apr 2019
Pakistani restaurant owner on 'Seinfeld' New York Times 14 Feb 2019
Pakistani restaurant owner on "Seinfeld"
Hindu sir Universal 17 May 2018
Hindi title Universal 14 Feb 2018
Hindu 'sir' The Washington Post 11 Feb 2018
Hindu "sir" LA Times Daily 11 Feb 2018
Hindu's "sir" Universal 07 Sep 2017
Hindi courtesy title Universal 29 Aug 2017
Indian honorific Universal 08 Apr 2017
See 49-Across Universal 29 Mar 2017
Hindu Mr The Washington Post 28 Jan 2017
Recurring 'Seinfeld' character from Pakistan Jonesin 14 Jun 2016
Hindi equivalent of Mr Universal 17 Feb 2016
Hindu courtesy title USA Today 16 Jan 2016
Hindu gentleman USA Today 15 Jan 2016
Hindu Mr.
Hindi equivalent of Mr.
Hindu "Sir" USA Today 03 May 2015
"Seinfeld" restaurant owner from Pakistan
Deported Pakistani in a "Seinfeld" episode
Sir, in India
Hindu title
Indian mister
Indian title
Hindi equivalent to Mr.
Madras Mr.
Hindu "mister"
Clerk, in India
Hindu's "Sir."
Title, in India.
Form of address in India.
Mr., in India.
Hindu title.
Hindi gentleman.
Gentleman of India.
Hindu gentleman.
A Hindu gentleman.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.