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Crossword Clues for BARN

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Clue Source Date
Hoedown site Eugene Sheffer 02 Jul 2020
Building that's often red and white Universal 04 Jun 2020
Stable Canadiana 01 Jun 2020
Rural structure The Sun Two Speed 11 May 2020
One leaving Scots child in outhouse The Sun Two Speed 11 May 2020
Building near a silo Universal 09 May 2020
Loft setting Thomas Joseph 14 Apr 2020
Served up sample of brown rabbit for stockholder Irish Times Crosaire 24 Feb 2020
Farm building New York Times 17 Feb 2020
Horse place Canadiana 23 Dec 2019
Rural dance locale USA Today 19 Nov 2019
Outlying farm building Irish Times Simplex 16 Nov 2019
Hay there! New York Times 10 Nov 2019
Building with a 'broad side' USA Today 13 Oct 2019
Stockholder in public house is not the first Irish Times Crosaire 02 Sep 2019
Block put on new farm building The Telegraph Cryptic 26 Jun 2019
Building for bovines New York Times 03 Jun 2019
Stock holder in pub before noon The Sun Two Speed 20 May 2019
Loft location Wall Street Journal 29 Apr 2019
Old MacDonald surely had one The Washington Post 10 Mar 2019
Stable environment? The Washington Post 28 Feb 2019
Animal house The Washington Post 27 Jan 2019
Building with a "broad side"
Traditionally red structure New York Times 21 Dec 2018
UK planes and ships in storage area The Sun Two Speed 05 Dec 2018
Building for cows Newsday 07 Nov 2018
Big building, pub with name at the back The Telegraph Cryptic 26 Oct 2018
Hayloft's place USA Today 03 Aug 2018
Hall with poor acoustics Newsday 15 Jul 2018
Graduate finds radon in farm store The Sun Two Speed 11 Jul 2018
Stock holder? The Sun Two Speed 29 Jun 2018
Farm storage facility Universal 18 Jun 2018
Lofty place? Wall Street Journal 02 Jun 2018
Building for farm animals Newsday 29 May 2018
Sailor sent up sailors in storage area The Sun Two Speed 18 May 2018
Part of the rural scenery The Washington Post 13 May 2018
Raised building? The Washington Post 11 May 2018
Home for farm horses Newsday 09 May 2018
Hayloft locale Newsday 19 Mar 2018
Setting for most of 'Charlotte's Web' The Washington Post 14 Mar 2018
Setting for most of "Charlotte's Web" LA Times Daily 14 Mar 2018
Livestock shelter USA Today 14 Mar 2018
Where some livestock lives Newsday 11 Feb 2018
Forbid redhead entering granary The Sun Two Speed 10 Feb 2018
Fodder store The Sun Two Speed 10 Feb 2018
Place for cows Family Time 28 Jan 2018
Owl hangout Family Time 08 Jan 2018
Place for a Deere, but not deer The Washington Post 02 Jan 2018
Farm structure Universal 17 Dec 2017
Building with a broad side, in a saying USA Today 28 Oct 2017
Old-fashioned dance venue New York Times 06 Oct 2017
Silo neighbor The Washington Post 24 Aug 2017
Half of those in 8 across - not for the first stockholder? Irish Times Crosaire 04 Aug 2017
Livestock holder Newsday 22 Jun 2017
Amish project The Washington Post 20 Apr 2017
Drinking establishment nuisance is first out of farm building Irish Times Crosaire 03 Apr 2017
Hayloft setting Wall Street Journal 27 Mar 2017
Square dance site New York Times 20 Mar 2017
Place to store hay Family Time 05 Mar 2017
Rural building with big doors LA Times Daily 26 Dec 2016
Hoedown locale The Washington Post 30 Nov 2016
Home for some owls Newsday 17 Nov 2016
Stock holder Wall Street Journal 08 Nov 2016
Exclude new building The Telegraph Cryptic 17 Sep 2016
__ owl LA Times Daily 30 Jul 2016
Clichéd square dance venue The Washington Post 25 Jul 2016
Country dance locale Universal 01 Jun 2016
Building for cattle Newsday 24 May 2016
New pub opens for the farm workers Irish Times Crosaire 09 Apr 2016
Hoedown venue, maybe The Washington Post 09 Jan 2016
Ram home?
It has often been dramatically stormed The Telegraph Cryptic 28 Dec 2015
Farm shelter Eugene Sheffer 22 Dec 2015
Traditional square dance site LA Times Daily 15 Jun 2015
Square dance venue New York Times 11 May 2015
Pottery ___ New York Times 14 Mar 2015
Building with big doors LA Times Daily 28 Feb 2015
Hoedown housing Eugene Sheffer 21 Jan 2015
Vehicle storage site Newsday 10 Jan 2015
Place for a hoedown New York Times 06 Jan 2015
Stall locale
Rural residence
Baleful place?
FarmVille installation
Heifer's housing
Farm outbuilding
Owl's home, often
Loft locale
Tom Waits "Don't Go Into That ___"
Place for an owl
Where to house cows once they browse
Silo adjunct, often
Rural dance site
Hex sign setting
Where the cows come home
Owl's haunt, perhaps
Cowshed site
Where to take stock?
Livestock building
Hay holder
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.