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Crossword Clues for BEREFT

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Clue Source Date
Deprived (of) The Times Concise 05 Aug 2020
Deprived of The Guardian Speedy 25 Nov 2018
Wager about official having suffered loss The Telegraph Cryptic 17 Nov 2018
Grief-stricken Eugene Sheffer 14 Jul 2018
Fellow in military cap must be deprived The Telegraph Cryptic 16 May 2018
Suffering a loss Thomas Joseph 19 Mar 2018
Whistler kept in bank that's robbed? The Telegraph Toughie 29 Nov 2017
Deprived Wall Street Journal 11 Nov 2017
Act as official leader for the deprived The Times Cryptic 05 Jun 2017
Act as judge, though initially deprived? The Times Cryptic 20 Apr 2017
Lonely, abandoned The Times Concise 22 Feb 2017
Unhappy in love Universal 03 Dec 2016
Pained by the loss of someone Irish Times Simplex 21 Oct 2016
Perhaps widowed female wearing traditional headgear The Telegraph Toughie 14 Oct 2015
Sorrowful through loss
Deprived, as of happiness
Lovelorn or mourning
Cut off from, with "of"
Robbed (of)
Dispossessed: arch.
Stripped (of)
Robbed of
Stripped of
Left desolate.
Dispossessed (of).
Deprived of.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.