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Crossword Clues for BESS

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Clue Source Date
Porgy's love Eugene Sheffer 19 Oct 2020
Gershwin heroine The Washington Post 18 Aug 2020
First lady between Eleanor and Mamie New York Times 09 Aug 2020
Gershwin operatic heroine Newsday 12 Jul 2020
First lady Truman New York Times 23 Jun 2020
'Porgy and ___' New York Times 19 May 2020
“I Loves You, Porgy” singer Wall Street Journal 16 May 2020
Harry's wife Thomas Joseph 15 May 2020
Mrs. Harry S. Truman Family Time 03 May 2020
Porgy's partner in George Gershwin's opera The Telegraph General Knowledge 24 Nov 2019
*First Lady Truman Universal 29 Oct 2019
Porgy's mate USA Today 12 Oct 2019
Porgy's beloved Newsday 02 Oct 2019
First lady before Mamie Wall Street Journal 02 Oct 2019
First Lady after Eleanor The New Yorker 19 Aug 2019
Porgy's girlfriend Universal 27 Jul 2019
Harry's First Lady Wall Street Journal 15 Jul 2019
Harry Truman's wife Thomas Joseph 28 May 2019
Mrs. Truman Universal 18 May 2019
Harry Truman's first lady Wall Street Journal 06 Mar 2019
Porgy's partner USA Today 19 Feb 2019
"Porgy and ___" Universal 06 Feb 2019
Queen informally to sanction ditching pound The Telegraph Toughie 17 Jan 2019
Harry Houdini's wife Wall Street Journal 31 Oct 2018
1940s first lady Family Time 16 Sep 2018
A Truman Universal 10 Sep 2018
'40s first lady Universal 19 Aug 2018
1940s first lady Truman The Washington Post Sunday 15 Jul 2018
First lady after Eleanor USA Today 25 Jun 2018
Porgy's woman USA Today 23 May 2018
Eleanor's successor Universal 03 Apr 2018
Truman's first lady Universal 08 Feb 2018
'Porgy and --' Premier Sunday 08 Oct 2017
'40s First Lady Newsday 17 Sep 2017
Sportin' Life gives her a dose of happy dust Wall Street Journal 14 Sep 2017
Catfish Row heroine of opera The Washington Post 26 Aug 2017
'50s first lady Newsday 02 Jun 2017
'Porgy and __' The Washington Post 02 May 2017
"Porgy and __" LA Times Daily 02 May 2017
Partner of Porgy Premier Sunday 05 Mar 2017
Tudor monarch moniker Newsday 18 Feb 2017
Soprano role since 1935 Newsday 10 Feb 2017
''I Loves You Porgy'' singer Newsday 18 Nov 2016
British royal nickname Newsday 29 Jul 2016
First Lady before Mamie Wall Street Journal 16 May 2016
Porgy's partner in Gershwin's opera The Telegraph General Knowledge 14 Feb 2016
Mamie's predecessor Wall Street Journal 03 Feb 2016
Mamie's White House predecessor Wall Street Journal 04 Dec 2015
Mamie's predecessor in the White House The Washington Post 27 Nov 2015
Mrs. Harry Truman Newsday 06 Oct 2015
Gershwin soprano Newsday 03 Sep 2015
England's "Good Queen" USA Today 18 Jul 2015
Gershwin title heroine New York Times 07 Jul 2015
Harry's Mrs USA Today 28 Jun 2015
'I Loves You, Porgy' singer Wall Street Journal 05 Jun 2015
"I Loves You, Porgy" singer
Harry's Mrs.
"I Loves You Porgy" singer
She preceded Mamie
Eleanor's follower as first lady
Harry's first lady
20th-century first lady
Gershwin opera heroine
Nancy Drew sidekick
Harry S. Truman's wife
Gershwin title character
"The Highwayman" daughter
1940s-'50s White House name
"Summertime" singer
Breakthrough role for Leontyne Price
Longest-lived first lady
Crown's girl, in a 1935 opera
Catfish Row opera heroine
21-Across predecessor
Role for Leontyne Price
Mrs. H.S.T.
Former Miss America Myerson
First name in first ladies
She succeeded Eleanor
Eleanor's White House successor
Former first lady
Catfish Row denizen
Brown ___ (British Army musket)
"What You Want wid ___?" (Gershwin tune)
Harry's missus
"I've Got a Secret" panelist Myerson
England's "Good Queen ___"
She followed Eleanor
Margaret's mom
Catfish Row heroine
Tudor queen, informally
Heroine of a Gershwin opera
1940's first lady
Musical character who sings "Leavin' fo' de Promise' Lan'"
Margaret Truman's mom
Actress Armstrong
First Lady of the 1940s
She was wild about Harry
Harry's lady
Gershwin's "___, You Is My Woman Now"
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.