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Crossword Clues for BIDET

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Clue Source Date
Fancy bathroom fixture Eugene Sheffer 25 Sep 2020
Lavatory option The Washington Post Sunday 22 Mar 2020
Type of basin The Telegraph Quick 06 Dec 2019
Rear-washing fixture The Washington Post Sunday 08 Sep 2019
Low basin The Telegraph Quick 31 Aug 2019
Luxury hotel amenity New York Times 16 Mar 2019
Weather temperature where privates get soaked The Telegraph Toughie 27 Feb 2019
Fancy thing next to some toilets Family Time 22 Oct 2018
Offer alien bathroom facility The Sun Two Speed 05 May 2018
Bathroom fitment The Sun Two Speed 05 May 2018
I'd risk going round the bathroom fitment The Sun Two Speed 09 Mar 2018
Toilet neighbor, in France
John's neighbor
High-end hotel amenity The Washington Post 10 Sep 2017
Lavatory feature Universal 17 Aug 2017
Bathroom fixture The Washington Post 01 Aug 2017
Bathroom fixture that hits bottom? Universal 02 Apr 2017
Lavatory fixture LA Times Daily 20 Oct 2016
European bathroom fixture Jonesin 07 Jun 2016
Salle de bains fixture Wall Street Journal 09 Apr 2016
Bank in which I had facility for washing The Times Cryptic 06 Apr 2016
Plumbing fixture uncommon in North America LA Times Daily 06 Mar 2016
European hotel fixture New York Times 09 Jan 2016
Posh bathroom fixture Universal 19 Sep 2015
John's accompanier New York Times 09 May 2015
Exotic bath feature Canadiana 09 Mar 2015
Cleaning vessel for privates to remain back in regiment The Telegraph Toughie 09 Jan 2015
Toilet go-with
Fixture near a toilet
Salle de bain fixture
Bathroom cleaner?
Fixture not to be confused with a toilet
Bathroom fixture, for some
Privy fixture
Courier's horse
Small horse
Small horse used for courier service.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.