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Crossword Clues for BLOB

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Clue Source Date
Oozing mass The Washington Post Sunday 11 Oct 2020
Rhyme and synonym of 'glob' USA Today 12 Sep 2020
Amorphous mass Wall Street Journal 09 Sep 2020
Globule, as of paint Newsday 14 Jul 2020
Water formation on wax paper New York Times 04 Jul 2020
Ill-defined lump New York Times 15 Jun 2020
Shapeless sci-fi villain Eugene Sheffer 22 May 2020
Indistinct shape New York Times 19 Jan 2020
Amorphous lump Universal 27 Oct 2019
Amorphous sci-fi menace, with 'the' USA Today 19 Sep 2019
Gooey mass Premier Sunday 08 Sep 2019
Dollop Canadiana 19 Aug 2019
Clump of shapeless goo Family Time 18 Aug 2019
Indistinct mass The Washington Post 19 May 2019
Amoeba, e.g New York Times 19 Apr 2019
Shapeless mass Eugene Sheffer 15 Apr 2019
Amorphous shape Wall Street Journal 26 Mar 2019
Oozy movie monster, with 'the' USA Today 25 Mar 2019
Oozy movie monster, with "the"
Amorphous sci-fi menace, with "the"
Amoeba, e.g.
Amorphous sci-fi villain Eugene Sheffer 27 Dec 2018
Amoeba, essentially Wall Street Journal 08 Mar 2018
Drop of paint Newsday 03 Dec 2017
Mass of wax in a lava lamp, e.g USA Today 06 Jun 2017
Slimy gob of gunk Family Time 04 Jun 2017
Slimy menace of '50s horror Universal 22 Feb 2017
Oozy lump Premier Sunday 29 Jan 2017
Movie monster of the 1950s Universal 10 Jan 2017
Gunky mass The Washington Post 03 Jan 2017
Mass of wax in a lava lamp, e.g.
Amoeba's shape Wall Street Journal 30 Dec 2016
Sci-fi villain Eugene Sheffer 29 Dec 2016
Oozy gunk LA Times Daily 27 Dec 2016
Lava lamp mass The Washington Post 12 Jul 2016
Pollock painting unit New York Times 19 May 2016
Lava-lamp lump Newsday 01 May 2016
1950s sci-fi terror, with 'the' New York Times 17 Apr 2016
Globule; round spot The Times Concise 07 Mar 2016
Amoebic mass The Washington Post 22 Feb 2016
Lump New York Times 02 Feb 2016
Lava lamp lump New York Times 06 Dec 2015
Gooey clump LA Times Daily 14 Oct 2015
Shapeless lump Family Time 06 Jul 2015
Sight for poor eyes? USA Today 29 May 2015
Amorphous movie monster Eugene Sheffer 28 Apr 2015
Gooey lump Universal 13 Feb 2015
Lump of gel
Ink stain
Gunk hunk
Amoebic clump
It's ill-defined
Shapeless movie monster
Shapeless thing
Gloppy, shapeless lump
Slimy sci-fi menace
Classic creature-feature creature
1958 horror film oozer
Squished bug, e.g.
Lava lamp formation
Formless lump
Classic sci-fi terror, with "the"
Oozy horror film menace
Slimy sci-fi menace of 1958
Gooey sci-fi monster
Movie oozer, with "The"
Amorphous object
Shapeless form
Small lump
Oozing movie menace
Sci-fi movie creature
Formless mass
Steve McQueen's first major movie, with "The"
Viscous mass
Classic 1958 horror film, with "The"
Messy mass
Classic creature feature monster
1958 sci-fi classic, with "The"
Menace in a 1958 Steve McQueen movie, with "The"
Sci-fi creature
Unidentifiable mass
Hunk of Jell-O, e.g.
Monster in a Steve McQueen movie
Vague form
1958 chiller (with "The")
Out-of-focus image, say
Movie monster of 1958
Film monster of 1958 and 1988
"The ___" (sci-fi classic)
Embryonic shape, at first
1958 sci-fi film starring Steve McQueen, with "The"
Oozing movie alien
Clump of goo
Oozing movie monster
Film monster of 1958
Hunk of gunk
Unspecified shape
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.