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Crossword Clues for BORON

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Clue Source Date
Chemical element The Telegraph Quick 13 Nov 2020
B in chemistry LA Times Daily 09 Aug 2020
The fifth element Wall Street Journal 04 Aug 2020
Element #5 Jonesin 21 Jul 2020
Element used in pyrotechnic flares The Washington Post Sunday 12 Jul 2020
Heads-up New York Times 05 Jul 2020
Element that burns with a green flame New York Times 03 Jul 2020
Common insecticide ingredient Wall Street Journal 29 Apr 2020
Element between beryllium and carbon on the periodic table Wall Street Journal 17 Dec 2019
Destined to inhale oxygen or another element The Telegraph Toughie 28 Nov 2019
Element No. 5 USA Today 06 Jun 2019
Element before carbon on the periodic table New York Times 08 May 2019
B, on the periodic table USA Today 01 Apr 2019
Metalloid element with atomic number 5 Wall Street Journal 04 Feb 2019
B, to Niels Bohr Newsday 27 Jan 2019
Atomic No. 5 Universal 23 Aug 2018
Fifth element Thomas Joseph 16 Aug 2018
Metalloid element The Chronicle of Higher Education 25 May 2018
Nonmetallic solid element Wall Street Journal 22 May 2018
Element in some detergents USA Today 30 Apr 2018
B, to scientists Thomas Joseph 24 Nov 2017
Element between beryllium and carbon USA Today 23 Nov 2017
Element with symbol B The Times Concise 13 Jun 2017
Metallic element Thomas Joseph 06 Oct 2016
Element next to carbon on the periodic table Wall Street Journal 07 Dec 2015
Element in Pyrex New York Times 26 Jun 2015
What a "B" may mean LA Times Daily 16 May 2015
Element to the left of carbon Newsday 18 Jan 2015
#5 on a table
Its atomic number is 5
Element no. 5
Element with a low atomic number that is not found naturally on Earth
*Element in the cleanser 20 Mule Team
Group 13 member, in chemistry
Element with the symbol B
Element used for shielding nuclear reactors
B, to a chemist
B on a table
Ulexite is rich in it
Element with atomic number 5
Element used in glass production
Element 5
Nonmetallic chemical
Element .5
B, to Bohr
Element number 5
Nonmetallic element
A metalloid
Atomic number 5
Element in fiberglass
Element used in enamel manufacturing
Element used in abrasives
Natural semiconductor
Element number five
Element in cleansing agents
It precedes carbon on the periodic table
Element with symbol "B"
Element discovered in 1812
Element in colemanite
Kernite component
Element used in metallurgy
An element
Element important in nucleonics
Metalloid element.
Chemical element.
Soap ingredient.
Nonmetallic chemical element.
Nonmetallic element.
A nonmetallic element.
Nonmetallic element, extremely hard.
The 5th element
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.