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Crossword Clues for BOTS

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Clue Source Date
Droids, for example USA Today 08 Oct 2020
Automatons, for short Eugene Sheffer 01 Oct 2020
Spammers, often The Washington Post 29 Sep 2020
Spam spewers New York Times 27 Sep 2020
Sources of much spam New York Times 14 Sep 2020
Web-crawling software Newsday 16 Aug 2020
Automated programs Jonesin 16 Jun 2020
Fake Twitter followers Universal 25 May 2020
Chatroom spammers The Washington Post 07 Feb 2020
Mechanical men, briefly Family Time 06 Jan 2020
High-tech workers The Washington Post 08 Dec 2019
Some spammers The Washington Post 10 Oct 2019
Droids and such New York Times 24 Aug 2019
Web crawlers, e.g USA Today 27 Jul 2019
Internet crawlers USA Today 10 Apr 2019
Web crawlers, e.g.
Automated-task performers Universal 27 Aug 2018
Web crawlers Wall Street Journal 01 Aug 2018
Automated systems Wall Street Journal 28 Mar 2018
Many spam senders Wall Street Journal 07 Dec 2017
Texas State team Wall Street Journal 15 Jun 2017
Computer-controlled players, in gaming lingo New York Times 19 Mar 2017
Some spam senders The Washington Post 01 Feb 2017
Internet prowlers USA Today 07 Nov 2016
Automated task runners on the Internet The Washington Post 16 Aug 2016
Droids New York Times 20 Oct 2015
Some modern viruses and worms
Computerized video-game opponents
Automated-task performers on the Net
Nonhuman co-hosts of TV's "Mystery Science Theater 3000"
Software programs that do automated tasks
Scroungers, in Sydney
Spam producers
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.