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Crossword Clues for BRATS

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Clue Source Date
Little imps Premier Sunday 18 Oct 2020
Spoiled kids Eugene Sheffer 18 Sep 2020
Hard-to-deal-with kids USA Today 05 Sep 2020
Angels' opposites New York Times 23 Aug 2020
Alternatives to dogs? Universal 14 Jul 2020
Antitheses of angels Wall Street Journal 24 Jun 2020
Rotten kids Wall Street Journal 16 Mar 2020
Sausages, for short Newsday 13 Mar 2020
Little devils New York Times 03 Mar 2020
Spoiled sorts
Babysitters' banes New York Times 31 Jul 2019
Tailgating fare The Washington Post 02 Jun 2019
Grilled sausages
Sausages that might be beer-cooked Newsday 15 Nov 2018
Some sausages The New Yorker 29 Oct 2018
Ones put in timeout The Washington Post Sunday 23 Sep 2018
Precocious kids Canadiana 16 Jul 2018
Babysitting nightmares ... or relatives of the ends of the four longest puzzle answers The Washington Post 25 Dec 2017
Unruly children Newsday 15 Nov 2017
Annoying tykes Universal 07 Oct 2017
Imps Universal 21 Sep 2017
Unruly kids Universal 07 Aug 2017
Babysitters' handfuls USA Today 26 Apr 2017
Links course, for short Newsday 28 Jan 2017
Kindergarten disrupters The Washington Post 17 Jan 2017
They're grilled in Green Bay Wall Street Journal 23 Dec 2016
Teacher's handfuls New York Times 22 Dec 2016
Mouthy munchkins LA Times Daily 18 Dec 2016
Churlish kids Universal 17 Dec 2016
Daycare banes LA Times Daily 30 Oct 2016
Some sausages, for short USA Today 25 Sep 2016
Temper tantrum throwers New York Times 08 Aug 2016
Preschool terrors Wall Street Journal 06 Aug 2016
The Katzenjammer Kids, e.g The Washington Post 27 Mar 2016
German sausages, informally Jonesin 23 Jul 2015
See 5-Across USA Today 11 Feb 2015
Pack members?
Misbehaving kids
Regular sources of annoyance
Trying minors
Nightmares for nana
Nanny's challenges
Nannies' nightmares
Growing pains?
Day-care challenges
Spoiled-rotten kids
Naughty kids
The neighbor's kids
Handfuls for sitters
Day-care workers' headaches
Ill-behaved kids
Out-of-control kids
Spoiled tykes
Tantrum-throwing tykes
Bart Simpson and Dennis Mitchell
Little rascals
Other people's kids?
Unwelcome kindergartners
Holy terrors
Young annoyances
They're tough to watch
Dennis the Menace-type kids
Little terrors
Uncontrollable kids
Spoiled children
Preschool pests
Little problems
No little darlings
They're hard to sit for
Nursery school terrors
Dennis Mitchell and Bart Simpson
Young fussbudgets
Little snips
Impolite imps
Little Iodine and Dennis the Menace
Babysitter's bane
Your neighbor's kids
Sitters' challenges
Pesky kids
Ill-mannered kiddies
They're spoiled
Problems for babysitters
Tiny terrors
Little monkeys
The Katzenjammer Kids, e.g.
Unwanted children?
Dennis and others
Unwelcome tykes
Katzenjammer Kids, e.g.
Nursery-school scourges
Kindergarten pests
Churlish children
Unruly ones
Spoiled tots
Withers roles
Baby sitters' problems
Some children
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.