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Crossword Clues for BRR

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Clue Source Date
''It's freezing in here!'' Newsday 09 Aug 2020
Shivery sound Newsday 07 Aug 2020
'The wind chill's brutal!' The Washington Post Sunday 02 Aug 2020
'It's freezing out here!' USA Today 26 Jul 2020
Chilling remark Wall Street Journal 11 Jul 2020
"It's c-c-cold!" Eugene Sheffer 04 Jul 2020
Cry after stepping out of a hot tub Universal 29 Jun 2020
Sound when it's 10 below USA Today 15 Jun 2020
Sound on a winter day Universal 27 Mar 2020
''It sure is cold!!'' Newsday 04 Mar 2020
'I'm too cool!' The Washington Post Sunday 02 Feb 2020
"Turn up the heat!" The New Yorker 06 Jan 2020
Cold call? The Washington Post 26 Dec 2019
'It's cold!' Jonesin 10 Dec 2019
'It's c-c-cold!' Eugene Sheffer 15 Nov 2019
Cold reaction Jonesin 12 Nov 2019
'Turn up the heat!' USA Today 10 Sep 2019
'Close the door!' Wall Street Journal 10 Aug 2019
Reaction to a cold one Newsday 27 Jul 2019
'Man, it's cold!' New York Times 26 Jul 2019
Cold weather comment Newsday 21 Jul 2019
'I'm f-f-freezing!' New York Times 09 Jul 2019
Sound made while clasping oneself New York Times 16 May 2019
''It's c-c-cold!'' Newsday 06 May 2019
''It's cold!'' Newsday 21 Apr 2019
''Turn up the heat!'' Newsday 07 Apr 2019
"Turn off the AC!" Universal 06 Apr 2019
Shiverer's sound Wall Street Journal 05 Mar 2019
Comment before installing your muffler Newsday 16 Feb 2019
'I'm cold!' Premier Sunday 20 Jan 2019
Chilling sound?
"I'm freezing!"
"Close the door!"
"Man, it's cold!"
"I'm f-f-freezing!"
[Shiver] New York Times 16 Dec 2018
"Can you turn the A.C. down?" The New Yorker 19 Nov 2018
"It's freezing out here!" LA Times Daily 15 Oct 2018
Common cold reaction Newsday 22 Sep 2018
''I'm freezing!'' Newsday 27 Aug 2018
'It's cold in here!' The Washington Post 13 Aug 2018
"It's cold in here!" LA Times Daily 13 Aug 2018
Cold response? New York Times 30 Jun 2018
'It's so cold!' Premier Sunday 20 May 2018
Shaker's cry? New York Times 23 Feb 2018
'Shoulda worn my jacket!' Wall Street Journal 29 Jan 2018
January utterance
Winter utterance Wall Street Journal 23 Dec 2017
'It's f-f-freezing!' New York Times 04 Dec 2017
Wintry complaint Newsday 03 Nov 2017
Utterance made while shaking New York Times 03 Nov 2017
'I'm c-c-cold!' New York Times 01 Nov 2017
'I can't f-f-feel my f-f-feet!' New York Times 01 Aug 2017
Sound that might be made while rubbing the arms New York Times 28 Apr 2017
"It's f-f-freezing!" USA Today 27 Apr 2017
Antarctic utterance Newsday 03 Mar 2017
'Man, it's cold out here!' Wall Street Journal 01 Mar 2017
"I'm c-c-cold!"
"I can't f-f-feel my f-f-feet!"
''Gotta find my sweater!'' Newsday 29 Jul 2016
'It's so-o-o cold!' Premier Sunday 05 Jun 2016
Hand-rubber's syllable Wall Street Journal 13 May 2016
"It's freezing!" Universal 10 May 2016
Fifth-century pontiff New York Times 08 May 2016
"It's cold!" Universal 15 Apr 2016
"Darn, it's cold!" LA Times Daily 03 Mar 2016
''I shoulda worn a coat!'' Newsday 14 Jan 2016
Cold response LA Times Daily 13 Sep 2015
Chilly response Jonesin 30 Jul 2015
'It's chilly!' Premier Sunday 24 May 2015
Winter comment Newsday 01 May 2015
Hardly a warm reaction LA Times Daily 18 Apr 2015
"Close the window!" LA Times Daily 15 Apr 2015
What surrounds the four longest answers Newsday 16 Jan 2015
Reaction to getting cold
"I'm cold!"
Sound from people in Chicago or New York these days (time's up, winter!)
"It's so-o-o cold!"
"It's freezing in here!"
Winter outburst?
Chilly acknowledgement
"It is too cold out here!"
"Close that window!"
Chilled one's response
'I'm freezing!'
Wintry remark
Shaker's sound
Sign of cold feet?
Cold comment
Outburst that teens may provoke?
Chilly response?
Chatterer's outburst
Shiverer's utterance
Chilly comment added phonetically to phrases in this puzzle
Chilly comment
"I should've worn a coat!"
"Th-that's cold!"
Teens comment?
Icy comment
"It's too darn cold!"
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.