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Crossword Clues for BRUT

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Clue Source Date
Cologne brand USA Today 19 Oct 2020
Very dry Wall Street Journal 10 Sep 2020
E-cash from Bucharest for type of champagne Irish Times Crosaire 04 Sep 2020
Champagne word LA Times Daily 07 Jun 2020
Unilever men's brand LA Times Daily 01 Mar 2020
Very dry, as Champagne The Washington Post 19 Feb 2020
Champagne designation The Washington Post 22 Aug 2019
Drier than sec USA Today 08 Jun 2019
Old Spice alternative Universal 21 Mar 2019
Champagne specification New York Times 07 Mar 2019
Champagne choice The Washington Post 26 Feb 2019
Extremely dry, in champagnes Universal 19 Nov 2018
Very dry except when river floods in The Telegraph Cryptic 05 Oct 2018
Wine descriptor Newsday 31 May 2018
Dry, as champagne Family Time 14 May 2018
Champagne variety Universal 02 Apr 2018
Dry (wine) The Telegraph Quick 12 Mar 2018
Brought out sides with type of champagne Irish Times Crosaire 28 Feb 2018
Very dry, as wine Eugene Sheffer 13 Dec 2017
Very dry, as champagne Eugene Sheffer 24 Oct 2017
Dry, although with river running through The Telegraph Toughie 01 Sep 2017
Very dry beast with no tail The Telegraph Cryptic 02 Aug 2017
Very dry, yet welcoming the end of winter The Telegraph Cryptic 10 May 2017
Dry and endlessly coarse The Telegraph Toughie 04 Apr 2017
Men's fragrance by Faberge USA Today 02 Mar 2017
Wine specification Newsday 20 Nov 2016
Faberge cologne brand USA Today 17 Oct 2016
Champagne descriptor Newsday 31 Jul 2016
Fragrance created by Fabergé New York Times 08 Apr 2016
Wine designation Newsday 11 Mar 2016
Dry, as bubbly Universal 20 Jan 2016
Super dry, to a vintner Universal 13 Sep 2015
Extremely dry The Telegraph Quick 12 Sep 2015
Dry (of champagne) The Guardian Quick 11 Jul 2015
(Of sparkling wine) very dry The Times Concise 19 Jun 2015
Like very dry champagne Premier Sunday 17 May 2015
Very dry champagne USA Today 08 Feb 2015
(Of wine) dry The Telegraph Quick 31 Jan 2015
Champagne spec
Fabergé cologne
Champagne type
Champagne category
Very dry, to vintners
"Essence of Man" cologne
Dry wine
Drier than extra sec
Extremely dry champagne
Cologne first launched by Fabergé
Old Spice rival
Aftershave promoted as "The Essence of Man"
Product once pitched by Hank Aaron, Muhammad Ali, and Joe Namath
Polo alternative
Like some sparkling wines
Wine-bottle word
Very dry, to a vintner
Canoe alternative?
Fabergé cologne
Wine designation, or a cologne brand
Really dry
Moët et Chandon label word
It's "by Faberge"
Veuve Clicquot designation
Champagne description
Description of extremely dry champagne
Champagne rating
Aftershave sold in green bottles
Very dry, as 83 Across
Dom Perignon designation
Champagne adjective
Dry, as Champagne
Very dry, to an oenologist
Like some champagne
Aftershave brand
Vintner's very dry
English Leather alternative
Word on a champagne bottle
Wine quality
Crude in 1 Down
Vintner's "very dry"
Very dry, as the bubbly
Describing some champagne
Some wines are this
Very dry, to an oenophile
Medieval English chronicle
Very dry, champagnewise
Very dry, as some champagne
Like many champagnes
Legendary first king of Britain
Adjective for champagne
Dry, as wine
Dry, as champagne.
Dry, as a wine.
Word on a wine label.
Wine term.
Very dry, as champagne.
Dry, a champagne.
Dry, as wine.
Dry, as wines.
Wine designation, dry.
Adjective for champagne.
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