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Crossword Clues for BSIDE

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Clue Source Date
Back of a 45 record The Washington Post Sunday 29 Nov 2020
Back of a hit 45 record LA Times Daily 10 Nov 2020
Back of a hit record Universal 04 Nov 2020
It may be a sleeper hit LA Times Daily 09 Oct 2020
Single record's lesser song Newsday 16 Sep 2020
Vinylphiles flip for it Newsday 04 Sep 2020
Bottom half of a 45 New York Times 02 Mar 2020
Other song on a 45 Jonesin 10 Dec 2019
Queen's 'We Will Rock You' vis-à-vis 'We Are the Champions' New York Times 06 Dec 2019
Queen's "We Will Rock You" vis-à-vis "We Are the Champions"
Sleeper hit oldie, perhaps Newsday 23 Nov 2019
Fare that was rare to air Newsday 21 Sep 2019
45 half The Washington Post 31 Aug 2019
It's generally not played so much New York Times 28 Mar 2019
Part of a 45 Universal 12 Nov 2018
Single cut New York Times 10 Nov 2018
Under half of 45? New York Times 02 Sep 2018
Gloria Gaynor's 'I Will Survive' was one The Washington Post 02 Aug 2018
Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive" was one LA Times Daily 02 Aug 2018
Hit's back Wall Street Journal 10 May 2018
'I Am the Walrus' or 'I Will Survive,' upon release The Chronicle of Higher Education 06 Apr 2018
Something in back of a hit? The Washington Post 10 Mar 2018
Hit's counterpart Thomas Joseph 05 Mar 2018
Less-played half of a 45 Premier Sunday 04 Mar 2018
"I Am the Walrus" or "I Will Survive," upon release
Back track? Wall Street Journal 14 Sep 2017
Reverse of a hit 45 The Washington Post 24 Jul 2017
Lesser song on a 45 Newsday 22 Jun 2017
Half of a 45 Thomas Joseph 07 Jun 2017
'I Am the Walrus,' on the 'Hello, Goodbye' single Wall Street Journal 27 Mar 2017
Back of a single The Washington Post 02 Mar 2017
Where to find a sleeper hit, perhaps LA Times Daily 28 Feb 2017
''Ice Ice Baby,'' originally Newsday 25 Feb 2017
Half of a record LA Times Daily 12 Feb 2017
Rod Stewart's 'Maggie May,' e.g New York Times 31 Jan 2017
Back of a 45 Premier Sunday 08 Jan 2017
Rod Stewart's "Maggie May," e.g.
Not a hit, usually LA Times Daily 16 Dec 2016
Track on a compilation album, maybe Jonesin 13 Dec 2016
Less-played part of a 45 record Universal 06 Nov 2016
Typical cut on Morissette's ''Feast on Scraps'' Newsday 05 Nov 2016
Less-played song, usually LA Times Daily 02 Nov 2016
17-Across, to the self-titled 'Bo Diddley' New York Times 22 Oct 2016
Flip of a hit single Jonesin 12 Apr 2016
Oft-forgotten part of a 45 Universal 10 Apr 2016
17-Across, to the self-titled "Bo Diddley"
Hit's complement The Washington Post 22 Nov 2015
Record following? Jonesin 10 Nov 2015
Madonna's 'Into the Groove,' originally New York Times 15 Mar 2015
Madonna's "Into the Groove," originally
Half of a hit 45
"I Am The Walrus" vis- -vis "Hello Goodbye," e.g.
The Beatles' "P.S. I Love You," e.g.
Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive," originally
Elvis' "Hound Dog," for one
Surprise hit, maybe
Musical flip
The Righteous Brothers' "Unchained Melody," originally
Queen's "We Will Rock You," to "We Are the Champions"
"I Am the Walrus," for the Beatles' "Hello, Goodbye"
Back of a hit single
Unlikely hit on a 45
It usually wasn't a 45 hit
Hit bottom?
Throwaway song on a 45, usually
Other half of a hit 45
Many an Everly Brothers hit
Hit back?
Half a 45
A sleeper hit may be on it
"P.S. I Love You," originally
Lesser-known song on a 45
7" flip
"Revolution" or "P.S. I Love You"
Less-played 45 part
Record surface
45 selection
Half of a 45 record
Lesser half of a hit 45
Hit's other half
Single bonus?
Single surface
45's back
Less popular song, often
It's usually not a hit
It's usually not a 11-Across
One of two songs on a single
Less popular song on a single, usually
*It's usually not played much
"Revolution," to "Hey Jude"
No-hit performance?
Less promising of two songs
Sleeper hit's locale, maybe
Hit single's tagalong
It's usually played second
It's rarely a hit
Hit backer
Less popular half of a record
45 rpm record half
Backing music?
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