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Crossword Clues for BUGLE

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Clue Source Date
Instrument in the name of a 'Spider-Man' tabloid USA Today 26 Oct 2020
Croaks from black grouse - bound to wake you if you're employed by a major producer? Irish Times Crosaire 03 Oct 2020
Military instrument Newsday 28 Jun 2020
Brass instrument USA Today 27 Jun 2020
Taps horn LA Times Daily 21 Apr 2020
Scout's instrument The Washington Post Sunday 22 Mar 2020
Brass instrument without valves The Telegraph Quick 17 Mar 2020
Taps blower Wall Street Journal 17 Mar 2020
'Taps' tooter Thomas Joseph 13 Aug 2019
Trumpet's smaller relative Universal 09 Aug 2019
Popular corn chip New York Times 30 Jun 2019
'Last Post' instrument The Telegraph Quick 22 Jun 2019
Reveille horn Universal 15 Jun 2019
Military trumpet Newsday 06 May 2019
Taps player The Washington Post 14 Mar 2019
Army brass? USA Today 17 Jan 2019
"Reveille" requirement
Valveless instrument The Sun Two Speed 04 Nov 2018
Army brass to annoy the French The Sun Two Speed 04 Nov 2018
Military horn Newsday 09 May 2018
Valveless horn USA Today 26 Apr 2018
Sound for chargers? Universal 16 Nov 2017
Wake-up call? New York Times 16 Nov 2017
General Mills corn snack bit New York Times 09 Nov 2017
'Taps' instrument Eugene Sheffer 05 Jul 2017
Taps instrument The Washington Post 06 Mar 2017
''Taps'' instrument Newsday 26 Oct 2016
"Taps" instrument Universal 29 Mar 2016
Mistake forgetting name: one may have blown it! The Times Cryptic 26 Feb 2016
Instrument to eavesdrop on the French The Sun Two Speed 24 Jan 2016
Cornet cousin Newsday 23 Oct 2015
"Taps" tootler USA Today 16 Aug 2015
Army waker-upper USA Today 18 Jul 2015
It's used for military calls Irish Times Simplex 14 Jul 2015
Base brass New York Times 07 Jun 2015
Soldier's alarm clock USA Today 01 Jun 2015
Paper Peter Parker pops pics for
Army instrument
Corn chip since 1966
It's played by someone on base?
Military brass
Bull elk's call
Reveille instrument
Another thing played on base
Elk's call
Reveille player
Horn without keys
Taps tooter
Base horn
Cornet kin
Horn on a base
"Reveille" instrument
Trumpet kin
Taps might be heard on one
It's blown on bases
Daily ___, "Spider-Man" newspaper
Assembly instrument
Military brass?
Military wakeup call
G.I. rouser
It's played on base
Taps signaler
Cornet's kin
Base instrument
Source of a wake-up call
40-Across producer?
Taps tootler
Taps producer
Waker-upper of a sort
Army signaler
__ beads (dress ornaments)
Reveille sounder
Base caller
Taps tooter
Morning awakener, for some
Company B awakener
It may call for a charge
A signal horn
G.I.'s "alarm clock"
Kin of an ophicleide
Military signaler
Military "alarm clock"
Rousing G.I. instrument
Relative of a trumpet
Blow reveille
Boot camp "alarm clock"
G.I.'s alarm clock
Military alarm clock
Kind of call
Instrument for taps
Military alarm.
Hunting horn.
Wind instrument.
Glass bead.
Flowering plant.
Call "Taps."
Reveille instrument.
Alarm clock at camp.
GI's favorite musical instrument.
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