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Crossword Clues for CAMEO

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Clue Source Date
Short appearance USA Today 17 Nov 2020
Turned up old Hitchcock role? The Sun Two Speed 15 Nov 2020
Small acting part The Sun Two Speed 15 Nov 2020
Bit part, of a sort Universal 06 Nov 2020
Tiny role USA Today 05 Nov 2020
Star's bit part Newsday 02 Nov 2020
Brief role in a movie Universal 02 Nov 2020
Small part for a big star Newsday 19 Oct 2020
Carved piece of jewelry USA Today 16 Oct 2020
Brief film role Newsday 05 Oct 2020
Brief guest appearance USA Today 21 Sep 2020
Carved gem Newsday 20 Sep 2020
Typical Stan Lee role The Washington Post 19 Aug 2020
Brief movie role Newsday 11 Aug 2020
Walk-on part arrived with Oscar The Sun Two Speed 27 Jun 2020
Small role The Sun Two Speed 27 Jun 2020
Brief appearance The Washington Post 24 Jun 2020
Brief role in a film New York Times 22 Jun 2020
Hitchcock film trademark The Washington Post 10 Jun 2020
Unbilled role Thomas Joseph 16 Mar 2020
Small role for a big star Universal 05 Mar 2020
Brief glimpse of a star New York Times 23 Feb 2020
Bit part for a star Wall Street Journal 04 Nov 2019
Star's walk-on Newsday 06 Oct 2019
Star's little role Family Time 15 Sep 2019
Many a Stan Lee film role New York Times 18 Aug 2019
Typical role for Hitchcock USA Today 17 Jun 2019
Sculpted gem USA Today 15 May 2019
Brief glimpse of a star? Wall Street Journal 08 May 2019
Wearable carving USA Today 22 Apr 2019
Big star's small part USA Today 12 Feb 2019
Star's nonspeaking 49-Down, perhaps USA Today 31 Dec 2018
Typical 64-Across for Hitchcock USA Today 18 Dec 2018
Small part in a 34-Down USA Today 05 Dec 2018
Small part New York Times 03 Nov 2018
Carved brooch The Telegraph Quick 18 Sep 2018
A-lister's brief part The Washington Post Sunday 02 Sep 2018
Fleeting movie role USA Today 30 Jul 2018
Headstone? The Sun Two Speed 29 Jul 2018
Item of carved jewellery The Times Concise 04 Jul 2018
Role for Hitchcock Wall Street Journal 07 Apr 2018
Small role for a 6-Across USA Today 04 Mar 2018
Star's little turn Universal 12 Feb 2018
Typical Hitchcock role USA Today 16 Oct 2017
Engraved jewelry item The Washington Post 15 Oct 2017
Brief acting part Newsday 04 Oct 2017
Piece of jewellery The Times Concise 19 Sep 2017
Small part for a star Universal 31 Aug 2017
Walk-on role The Washington Post 28 Aug 2017
Carved gemstone USA Today 05 Aug 2017
Bit part The Washington Post 13 Jul 2017
Brief role for a star Newsday 13 Jun 2017
Minor appearance of a major star Family Time 11 Jun 2017
It might be just a line or two New York Times 11 May 2017
Famous actor's walk-on role Universal 20 Apr 2017
Hitchcock role in almost every Hitchcock film New York Times 14 Mar 2017
Star's brief appearance Universal 14 Jan 2017
Short sketch about the writer getting old The Times Cryptic 12 Sep 2016
Bit part for a big star Newsday 06 Sep 2016
Celebrity bit part Universal 06 Jun 2016
One of many Hitchcock appearances in his own films New York Times 02 May 2016
One-scene appearance Newsday 18 Mar 2016
Small role; carved gem The Times Concise 25 Feb 2016
Small role for a star Newsday 23 Feb 2016
Happened upon old carving The Telegraph Cryptic 07 Nov 2015
Small part of student's form for higher education restricts me Irish Times Crosaire 07 Oct 2015
Carving in low relief Irish Times Simplex 04 Sep 2015
Grandmother's keepsake, sometimes Universal 26 Aug 2015
Small role by a big star Universal 30 Jul 2015
Tiny part Wall Street Journal 27 Jul 2015
Short film role LA Times Daily 28 Apr 2015
Appeared ordinary in small part The Telegraph Cryptic 28 Mar 2015
One of many made by Hitchcock New York Times 28 Feb 2015
Stan Lee had one in "The Avengers" LA Times Daily 15 Jan 2015
One of Hitchcock's dozens
Stan Lee had one in "The Avengers" (2012)
Alfred Hitchcock appearance in many of his films
Onyx piece
Hitchcock trademark
Tom Cruise one-scener, e.g.
Guest appearance
Star's small role
Minor role for a major star
Little role for a big star
Bit part for a big-timer
"Word Up!" group
Wee role
It's a relief
Gem of a small part?
Carved pendant
Star's minor role
Small part for a big name
Bit part for a big name
Stan Lee's role in many a Marvel film
Small screen appearance
Brief role
Oft-uncredited role
Big name's small part
Small role for a Hollywood star
Small featured role
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.