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Crossword Clues for CAROL

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Clue Source Date
Candlelit performance Newsday 28 Nov 2020
2015 title role for Cate Wall Street Journal 05 Nov 2020
Seasonal song Wall Street Journal 02 Nov 2020
Yule tune Eugene Sheffer 23 Oct 2020
Female name The Sun Two Speed 22 Oct 2020
Girl in vehicle round lake The Sun Two Speed 22 Oct 2020
Christmas song Thomas Joseph 19 Oct 2020
Burnett with a namesake Golden Globe The Washington Post 28 Sep 2020
Song often sung in the snow Newsday 03 Sep 2020
Winter song Thomas Joseph 01 Sep 2020
Sing joyously Universal 28 Aug 2020
December song Newsday 26 Aug 2020
Winter air New York Times 18 Jun 2020
Song sung in December Newsday 03 Jun 2020
Sing in the snow, perhaps Newsday 17 May 2020
Entertain at the door Wall Street Journal 14 Mar 2020
You may sing one in the snow showers Universal 06 Jan 2020
Sing Christmas tunes USA Today 16 Dec 2019
'Joy to the World,' e.g The Washington Post 15 Dec 2019
"Joy to the World," e.g LA Times Daily 15 Dec 2019
"I Saw Three Ships" or "We Three Kings" Universal 14 Dec 2019
"Deck the Halls," is one Family Time 24 Nov 2019
December ditty USA Today 24 Nov 2019
Door-to-door performance Newsday 03 Oct 2019
Year-end rendition Newsday 16 May 2019
Yuletide song Universal 12 May 2019
Front-porch tune, maybe USA Today 12 Apr 2019
Do some door-to-door singing Wall Street Journal 05 Mar 2019
Song making a comeback in chapel or a church The Telegraph Cryptic 19 Feb 2019
Yule song Wall Street Journal 28 Jan 2019
December tune Newsday 09 Jan 2019
Winter number Wall Street Journal 05 Jan 2019
Year-end air USA Today 01 Jan 2019
Girl in one of Noel's songs The Telegraph Cryptic 11 Dec 2018
Song appropriate for 51 Down The Chronicle of Higher Education 30 Nov 2018
Door-to-door delivery? The New Yorker 05 Nov 2018
Noel The Washington Post 03 Aug 2018
"Brady Bunch" member Universal 16 Jun 2018
Song about King Cole, essentially The Telegraph Cryptic 10 May 2018
Christmas tune Universal 28 Apr 2018
Front-porch song, perhaps USA Today 14 Apr 2018
Christmas chorus or novelist Shields Canadiana 02 Apr 2018
35-Down song The Washington Post 31 Jan 2018
Any Christmas song Family Time 22 Jan 2018
Present-day song? Wall Street Journal 06 Jan 2018
No use in carousel for the Christmas singers Irish Times Crosaire 12 Sep 2017
''Deck the Halls,'' for one Newsday 09 Aug 2017
Hymn about Jesus almost over? The Times Cryptic 17 Jul 2017
'Good King Wenceslas,' e.g Jonesin 16 May 2017
''Deck the Halls,'' e.g Newsday 14 May 2017
Wassailer's tune USA Today 03 May 2017
Something you might hear on Dec. 24 Universal 18 Apr 2017
Yuletide tune Newsday 01 Mar 2017
See 26-Across LA Times Daily 25 Dec 2016
Pass round a recipe for Noel The Telegraph Toughie 23 Dec 2016
Year-end tune USA Today 11 Dec 2016
Sing ''Deck the Halls'' Newsday 19 Oct 2016
Strain of the present day The Telegraph Cryptic 22 Aug 2016
Air when it's cold outside? New York Times 11 Aug 2016
Song often sung outdoors Jonesin 26 Jul 2016
"Silent Night," e.g LA Times Daily 11 Jul 2016
Front-porch song Universal 02 Jun 2016
Present-day music Wall Street Journal 21 Apr 2016
'Deck the Halls,' e.g Premier Sunday 20 Mar 2016
Song that would be a different one in bare surroundings The Times Cryptic 19 Feb 2016
"God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen," e.g USA Today 03 Feb 2016
"God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen," e.g.
"Oliver!" director Reed
"Silent Night," e.g.
'God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen,' e.g New York Times 13 Dec 2015
Some music, a rollicking Christmas song The Sun Two Speed 24 Nov 2015
Christmas hymn The Sun Two Speed 24 Nov 2015
Dickens' "A Christmas ___" USA Today 28 Oct 2015
Sing a 42 Down The Chronicle of Higher Education 02 Oct 2015
"Deck the Halls," for one USA Today 21 Sep 2015
Marcia's mom Jonesin 27 Aug 2015
Christmas concert selection Newsday 28 May 2015
Go door to door, perhaps Jonesin 28 May 2015
Middle name of 21 Across Newsday 10 May 2015
Yuletide rendition Eugene Sheffer 06 May 2015
''Brady Bunch'' mom Newsday 19 Apr 2015
Burnett or Channing Eugene Sheffer 06 Apr 2015
Yuletide refrain Eugene Sheffer 03 Apr 2015
Music for the present day? Wall Street Journal 09 Feb 2015
December elevator music Newsday 16 Jan 2015
'Here We Come a-Wassailing,' for one New York Times 08 Jan 2015
"Here We Come a-Wassailing," for one
"Brady Bunch" mom
The clue "Christmas song" isn't very apt in a May puzzle, but eh, screw it
"Joy to the World," for one
Sing door-to-door in December
"Deck the Halls," e.g.
Stones-covered Chuck Berry song about a girl
Number by a door?
December number
"Ding Dong Merrily On High," e.g.
"The Brady Bunch" mom
"Silent Night" is one
Yuletide number
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.