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Crossword Clues for CARP

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Clue Source Date
Fish in gefilte fish Universal 27 Sep 2020
Be a kvetch Premier Sunday 13 Sep 2020
Silver ___ (fish) The Washington Post Sunday 09 Aug 2020
Complain The Sun Two Speed 01 Aug 2020
Beef or fish? The Sun Two Speed 01 Aug 2020
Pond fish The Times Concise 24 Jul 2020
Swimmer or blister Newsday 11 Jul 2020
Criticise vehicle parking The Sun Two Speed 23 May 2020
Kvetch Eugene Sheffer 01 Apr 2020
Find fault with one of those in school Irish Times Crosaire 30 Mar 2020
Grouse, beef and fish The Sun Two Speed 13 Mar 2020
Complain (informal) The Sun Two Speed 13 Mar 2020
Fish often kept in ponds The Times Concise 03 Mar 2020
Kvetch like a fish? LA Times Daily 02 Mar 2020
Koi, e.g The Washington Post 15 Feb 2020
Gripe about fish? The Washington Post Sunday 02 Feb 2020
Minnow relative Family Time 09 Dec 2019
Type of fish that a 59-Across is Premier Sunday 08 Dec 2019
Nag, nag, nag USA Today 01 Dec 2019
Fish or beef The Sun Two Speed 25 Sep 2019
Unnecessarily criticise swimmer The Telegraph Cryptic 14 Jul 2019
Ontario lake Canadiana 17 Jun 2019
Grouse Wall Street Journal 01 Jun 2019
Gefilte fish fish, often Universal 13 May 2019
Nitpick Newsday 29 Mar 2019
Be nitpicky USA Today 21 Mar 2019
Moan and groan USA Today 13 Mar 2019
Ornamental pond fish USA Today 21 Feb 2019
Complain, complain, complain USA Today 20 Feb 2019
Find fault pettily Newsday 18 Feb 2019
Koi, for one USA Today 19 Jan 2019
Freshwater catch The Washington Post Sunday 06 Jan 2019
Find fault Newsday 13 Nov 2018
Find fault with vehicle parking The Sun Two Speed 10 Nov 2018
Freshwater fish Thomas Joseph 25 Oct 2018
Act the grouch USA Today 03 Oct 2018
Fish causing bellyache The Sun Two Speed 15 Sep 2018
Be a nitpicker USA Today 20 Aug 2018
Fisherman's soup fish The Washington Post 16 Jul 2018
Complain at length Newsday 08 Jul 2018
Insects that nest in deadwood New York Times 28 Jun 2018
Raise a stink USA Today 14 May 2018
Gefilte fish Universal 27 Mar 2018
Practise jackknifes (just half): really good swimmer The Telegraph Toughie 22 Mar 2018
Complain querulously New York Times 12 Mar 2018
Find fault with fish The Sun Two Speed 25 Feb 2018
Goldfish, e.g New York Times 28 Jan 2018
Niggle The Washington Post 06 Jan 2018
Goldfish, e.g.
Complain about the fish The Sun Two Speed 14 Dec 2017
Cavil New York Times 04 Nov 2017
Swimmer in quartet among 18 from the south The Telegraph Cryptic 28 Oct 2017
Complaintive fish? Universal 25 Oct 2017
Complaining fish? New York Times 01 Oct 2017
Moan; fish The Telegraph Quick 13 Sep 2017
Act the malcontent USA Today 31 Jul 2017
Incessantly complain New York Times 10 Jul 2017
Be a nag Newsday 05 Jul 2017
*Complain New York Times 31 May 2017
Gefilte fish option New York Times 05 May 2017
Complain and complain The Washington Post 04 Apr 2017
Raise trivial objections Universal 26 Feb 2017
Fish caught on a river trip, finally The Telegraph Cryptic 17 Jan 2017
Beef Wall Street Journal 20 Oct 2016
Better to catch river fish The Telegraph Cryptic 06 Sep 2016
Trivial objection LA Times Daily 02 Jun 2016
Goldfish or koi Newsday 15 Jan 2016
Complain to one of those in school Irish Times Crosaire 29 Oct 2015
Gripe Wall Street Journal 22 Oct 2015
Cavil about the fish Irish Times Simplex 07 Oct 2015
Complain to one of those from school Irish Times Crosaire 05 Sep 2015
Continually find fault The Times Concise 29 Jun 2015
Find fault in swimmer The Telegraph Toughie 26 May 2015
Koi or goldfish LA Times Daily 18 May 2015
Traditional ingredient in gefilte fish
Koi, e.g.
Large fish
A fish that nags?
Goldfish relative
Little dig
Fish that complains a lot?
Complain habitually
Gripe, gripe, gripe
Complain unreasonably
68-Across, taking into account its 61-Across
Beef, or a fish
Grouse and grumble
Complain constantly
Keep the complaints coming
Nagging complaint
Be a bellyacher
Find fault to a fault
Koi and kin
Complain, like a fish?
Find fault with fish?
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.