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Crossword Clues for CATHY

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Clue Source Date
Cartoonist Guisewite, or her comic strip Jonesin 22 Sep 2020
Cartoonist Guisewite or her title character The Washington Post 22 Apr 2020
Comics character who says 'Ack!' USA Today 04 Mar 2020
Cartoonist Guisewite Newsday 19 Jan 2020
Comics character who announced her pregnancy in the last strip Wall Street Journal 07 Sep 2019
Actress -- Lee Crosby Premier Sunday 12 Aug 2018
Comic strip woman who married Irving The Washington Post 18 Jul 2018
Eponymous cartoonist Guisewite New York Times 07 Jun 2018
Comic strip character known for saying 'Ack!' Jonesin 13 Feb 2018
Patty's identical cousin on "The Patty Duke Show"
Cartoonist Guisewite, or her strip Wall Street Journal 12 Jun 2017
Comic strip with ''four basic guilt groups'' Newsday 29 Apr 2017
__ Come Home, 1966 television drama by Ken Loach The Guardian Weekend 18 Apr 2017
Gymnast Rigby Thomas Joseph 15 Feb 2017
Guisewite's comic strip Universal 27 Dec 2016
Actress Rigby Premier Sunday 01 Feb 2015
Cartoonist Guisewite's heroine Eugene Sheffer 29 Jan 2015
Cartoonist Guisewite's creation
Comics title character who married Irving
Comic strip character with the maiden name Andrews
34-year-long comic strip
Comics character who often tried on ill-fitting bikinis
Cartoonist Guisewite's title character
Neurotic comics woman
Chatty ___ (early talking doll)
Comic strip about modern women
Guisewite's girl
Noseless comics character
Funnies woman
"Aack!" sayer, in the comics
Heathcliff's love
Subject of "It Must Be Love, My Face Is Breaking Out"
Frazzled comic strip heroine
Heathcliff's lost love
Linton Heathcliff's wife
__ Lee Crosby
"Wuthering Heights" heroine
"Wuthering Heights" heroine.
Heathcliff's love.
Heroine of "Wuthering Heights."
Starlet O'Donnell.
Comic strip whose last collection was "Shoes: Chocolate for the Feet"
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.