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Crossword Clues for CDC

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Clue Source Date
Govt. health agcy Premier Sunday 29 Nov 2020
U.S. health org Universal 01 Nov 2020
Public health org USA Today 25 Aug 2020
Epidemic-fighting agcy The Washington Post 24 Jul 2020
Health agcy Universal 04 Jul 2020
Org. in 2020 headlines Wall Street Journal 08 Jun 2020
Org. that created a Vaccine Schedules app The Washington Post Sunday 12 Apr 2020
Atlanta-based health agcy LA Times Daily 09 Apr 2020
Org. overseeing the Epidemic Intelligence Service New York Times 28 Mar 2020
Public health agcy Premier Sunday 09 Feb 2020
Ebola-tracking org The Washington Post Sunday 02 Feb 2020
Govt. health org The Washington Post 13 Oct 2019
Health agcy. in Atlanta Wall Street Journal 03 Aug 2019
Org. with quarantine authority The Washington Post 19 May 2019
Org. concerned with outbreaks The Washington Post 08 May 2019
Gov. health agency Universal 22 Feb 2019
Agcy. that monitors outbreaks Wall Street Journal 16 Jan 2019
Medical org. based in Atlanta
Govt. health org.
Epidemic-fighting agcy.
Health org. with HQ in Atlanta The Washington Post 07 Dec 2018
Org. behind the surveillance report FluView New York Times 30 Nov 2018
Bug-tracking org.? The Washington Post Sunday 11 Nov 2018
Ga.-based outbreak tracker Wall Street Journal 03 Nov 2018
Govt. health agency Premier Sunday 28 Oct 2018
Atlanta-based public health inst Wall Street Journal 06 Aug 2018
Flu-fighting org New York Times 24 Jul 2018
Atlanta health org Universal 21 May 2018
Org. with a zombie preparedness blog Wall Street Journal 08 May 2018 agency Newsday 23 Mar 2018
Agcy. with quarantine authority The Chronicle of Higher Education 02 Mar 2018
Agcy. running Newsday 02 Mar 2018
Atlanta-based public health inst.
Atlanta health org.
Flu-fighting org.
Atlanta-based health agcy.
Atlanta-based HHS arm Wall Street Journal 13 Jul 2017
Atlanta-based health org New York Times 05 Jul 2017
Org. with a zombie apocalypse preparedness web page Wall Street Journal 20 Apr 2017
Atlanta-based public health org The Washington Post 21 Mar 2017
Atlanta-based health org.
Zika-tracking org Wall Street Journal 12 Nov 2016
Zika monitoring org New York Times 21 Aug 2016
Flu-monitoring gp Wall Street Journal 20 Aug 2016
Agcy. concerned with drug-resistant bacteria LA Times Daily 02 Jul 2016
Org. whose website has an Emergency Preparedness menu option The Chronicle of Higher Education 29 Apr 2016
Zika virus tracker, for short New York Times 31 Mar 2016
Zika monitoring org.
Public health org.
Federal health org The Washington Post 28 Nov 2015
Health-promoting org New York Times 26 Nov 2015
Outbreak watchdog based in Ga Wall Street Journal 06 Oct 2015
Org. featured in 'Outbreak' New York Times 08 Apr 2015
Agcy. promoting flu vaccines Newsday 03 Apr 2015
Outbreak watchdog based in Ga.
Org. featured in "Outbreak"
Health-promoting org.
Federal health org.
Public health agcy. featured in the 1995 film "Outbreak"
Org. in "The Strain"
Govt. medical agency
Public health agcy.
Govt. bioterrorism watchdog
Agency within the Dept. of Health and Human Services
Atlanta-based public health agcy.
Quarantine advisory org.
Org. depicted in "The Walking Dead"
Government org. featured in "Contagion"
SARS monitor, for short
Govt. flu-fighting org.
Fed. health-promoting agency
Org. founded to combat malaria
Atlanta-based org.
Epidemiology org. in Atlanta
Federal health agcy.
Org. that combats epidemics
Swine flu watchdog agcy.
Agcy. that tracks swine flu
Quarantining org.
Atlanta-based federal health org.
Outbreak-fighting org.
Org. that handles outbreaks
U.S. health promoter: Abbr.
Fed. health research agcy.
Public health org. based in Atlanta
Org. concerned with infectious agents
Gp. with quarantine authority
Atlanta-based public health watchdog (abbr.)
Agcy. investigating bird flu
Epidemic-fighting org.
Agcy. founded to help fight malaria
National Immunization Program org.
U.S. public health agcy.
Atlanta-based medical org.
HHS agency
Govt. health group
Govt. bug-fighters?
Agcy. based in Atlanta
Health watch org.
Dept. of Health and Human Services agency
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.