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Crossword Clues for CEREAL

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Clue Source Date
It's what many people get up to in Clare? That's genuine! Irish Times Crosaire 10 Nov 2020
Food grain Irish Times Simplex 03 Nov 2020
Grass cultivated for food Irish Times Simplex 29 Sep 2020
Hotel breakfast basic Universal 01 Sep 2020
Hot or cold breakfast Universal 27 Aug 2020
Red River _____ Canadiana 17 Aug 2020
Breakfast choice Thomas Joseph 10 Jun 2020
Grain The Sun Two Speed 09 Jun 2020
Food energy in clear liquid The Sun Two Speed 09 Jun 2020
Total, e.g Wall Street Journal 30 Apr 2020
Post production? Jonesin 15 Oct 2019
Church with substantial harvest crop The Sun Two Speed 12 Sep 2019
Oreo O's, e.g The Washington Post 10 Aug 2019
Alberta hamlet Canadiana 08 Jul 2019
Some like it hot Universal 09 Jun 2019
Food prepared from grain Irish Times Simplex 20 Apr 2019
Breakfast bowlful Eugene Sheffer 13 Apr 2019
Life, e.g Wall Street Journal 19 Feb 2019
Breakfast show broadcast? The Telegraph Cryptic 01 Jan 2019
Life, e.g.
Oreo O's, e.g.
Total taken in? New York Times 07 Dec 2018
Breakfast food The Telegraph Quick 25 Nov 2018
Food energy in clear mixture The Sun Two Speed 29 Aug 2018
Breakfast food in a bowl Newsday 23 Jul 2018
Breakfast in a box The Washington Post 17 Jun 2018
A.M. meal choice Universal 01 May 2018
Cheese rind proper breakfast, say? The Telegraph Cryptic 20 Mar 2018
Grape-Nuts or Apple Jacks New York Times 05 Feb 2018
Total or Life Premier Sunday 14 Jan 2018
Grain used as food The Times Concise 04 Dec 2017
Cap'n Crunch, for one USA Today 09 Sep 2017
Simple breakfast Universal 30 Aug 2017
Kix or Trix USA Today 04 Aug 2017
Grain as food The Times Concise 06 Jun 2017
After church, honest-to-goodness breakfast dish The Telegraph Cryptic 11 Apr 2017
Post box's contents New York Times 04 Feb 2017
Breakfast fare USA Today 08 Dec 2016
Breakfast staple Newsday 04 Dec 2016
Quick morning meal Universal 23 Aug 2016
Breakfast TV in instalments, it's said The Sun Two Speed 13 Feb 2016
Trix or Kix LA Times Daily 06 Oct 2015
Kellogg's product Universal 21 Aug 2015
Ghostbusters or C-3PO's, once
Life, for example
Day-starting bowlful
Life is one
Cap'n Crunch, e.g.
Total, e.g.
Rye, for example
Breakfast serving
Life in a box?
Post product
Breakfast alternative to a bagel
Honeycomb, e.g.
Edible grain
Some flakes
Rye or oats or such
Quaker offering
Life, for one
Kashi product
Life at a grocery store
__ aisle
Bowl filler
Honeycomb, for one
Battle Creek product
Breakfast option
Grain product
Morning bowlful
Smut victim
Post production
Morning course
Boxed breakfast
Kind of grass
Morning fare
Grass grain
Oatmeal or cornflakes
A.M. meal
Frosted Flakes e.g.
Farm produce eventually
Consumed flakes
Cap'n Crunch
It's often flaky
Alternative to waffles
See 61 Across
Food named for a goddess
Antemeridian fare
Wheat or rice
Gruel source
Farina or oatmeal
Breakfast item.
Breakfast dish.
Maize or millet.
Breakfast food.
Grain food.
Sponsor for certain TV shows.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.