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Crossword Clues for CHEW

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Clue Source Date
Masticate The Telegraph Quick 10 Oct 2020
Kind of candy Newsday 26 Sep 2020
Enjoy gum Eugene Sheffer 22 Jun 2020
Scold, with ''out'' Newsday 22 Mar 2020
Enjoy some gum Thomas Joseph 09 Mar 2020
Champ, in truth, gets away from witch-hunter Irish Times Crosaire 19 Oct 2019
Munch The Telegraph Quick 17 Oct 2019
Work on jerky Thomas Joseph 24 Sep 2019
Meditate over fragment of Nietzsche wisdom Irish Times Crosaire 09 Aug 2019
Enjoy Bazooka USA Today 23 Mar 2019
Finish a Tootsie Pop Universal 05 Mar 2019
Consider carefully, with 'over' The Washington Post 02 Dec 2018
Consider carefully, with "over" LA Times Daily 02 Dec 2018
Enjoy, as gum The Washington Post 21 Aug 2018
Scold, with 'out' USA Today 15 Aug 2018
Champ, caught, fell The Sun Two Speed 13 Aug 2018
Break bread, say? The Washington Post Sunday 29 Jul 2018
___ the fat (gossip, e.g.) New York Times 24 Jul 2018
Ponder, with ''on'' Newsday 12 Jul 2018
Enjoy a caramel USA Today 25 Jun 2018
Ruminate (on) The Chronicle of Higher Education 25 May 2018
Scold, with "out"
Cogitate (on) New York Times 24 Nov 2017
Gnaw on Jonesin 01 Aug 2017
Muse (on) New York Times 28 Jul 2017
Munch cold cut The Telegraph Cryptic 29 Jun 2017
Work on a caramel USA Today 31 May 2017
Not just bite and swallow New York Times 10 Jan 2017
Work a caramel Wall Street Journal 24 Dec 2016
Prepare to swallow Universal 11 Nov 2016
Tips for collecting Henry, Elvery, Wilks and Munch Irish Times Crosaire 03 Sep 2016
Nut without a second piece of tobacco The Telegraph Cryptic 28 Jun 2016
Start breaking down, in a way Newsday 21 May 2016
Thing to do before you swallow Family Time 09 May 2016
Mull over, with ''on'' Newsday 01 May 2016
Mull (over) New York Times 14 Apr 2016
Meditate (on) New York Times 03 Apr 2016
Bite and grind food in the mouth The Guardian Quick 02 Apr 2016
Clubs fashion champ The Times Cryptic 01 Jan 2016
Think (over)
Heartless wench messed up champ The Telegraph Toughie 29 Dec 2015
Grind food in the mouth The Sun Two Speed 27 Nov 2015
About to chop and munch The Sun Two Speed 27 Nov 2015
Consider, with ''on'' Newsday 06 Aug 2015
Bicycle Thief "Just some teeth I can't ___ my favorite cereal with"
Consider, with "on"
Work on, as a tough steak
What Nirvana will do to a "Pen Cap"?
Ponder, with "on"
Ponder, with "over"
Use the maxilla and mandible
Use your maxilla and mandible
Prepare to swallow, as food
RJ Mischo "Bit Off More Than I Can ___"
Think (on)
Meditate on, with "over"
Enjoy some Trident
Work on a licorice stick
Dog treat
Not just swallow whole
Get one's teeth into
___ toy (pet shop purchase)
Work on a wad of gum
Work on a piece of gum
Enjoy bubble gum
__ toy (pet shop item)
Mull over, with "on"
Copenhagen, e.g.
"___ your food" (mother's admonition)
Munch on
Have some gum
__ the fat
Enjoy some Extra
With 94- and 54-Down, gab
Start on a course
Order at the dinner table?
Stick of gum, e.g.
Reprimand, with "out"
Cogitate (with "on")
Process a bite
Consider (with "over")
Bawl (out)
Nibble on
Render swallowable, maybe
Chomp on
Employ the maxilla and mandible
Not just swallow
Cogitate, with "on"
Enjoy a wad
Grind with the teeth
Enjoy taffy
Wad of smokeless tobacco
Use gum
Grind up food, in a way
This leaves marks on a baseball field
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