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Crossword Clues for CHIMERA

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Clue Source Date
Idle fancy Newsday 13 Nov 2020
Sound artist producing fantastic creature The Telegraph Cryptic 29 Oct 2020
Wild idea to correspond with artist The Telegraph Cryptic 22 Aug 2020
Lion-headed monster to correspond with hawk-headed god The Telegraph Toughie 01 Apr 2020
Wild fancy The Telegraph Quick 21 Mar 2020
Fancy ring given to a king on retirement The Telegraph Toughie 18 Mar 2020
It's a figment of one's imagination hearing hymn from Cockney in California Irish Times Crosaire 15 Feb 2020
Fancy half of chimneys are to rear The Telegraph Toughie 25 Dec 2019
Foolish fancy of that man in hospital in California Irish Times Crosaire 12 Oct 2019
Illusion The Times Concise 25 Aug 2019
Mythical hybrid New York Times 02 Feb 2019
Monster toll capping odd sections of road The Telegraph Toughie 01 Jan 2019
Mythical monster The Times Concise 20 Nov 2018
Fancy that man entering running race The Telegraph Cryptic 06 Nov 2018
Monster to agree with artist The Sun Two Speed 14 Jun 2018
Lion-headed monster Premier Sunday 26 Nov 2017
Fire-breathing monster The Times Concise 26 Sep 2017
Photographic gear welcome -- it's needed for a fantastic creature The Telegraph Toughie 19 May 2017
Fire-breathing monster of myth New York Times 08 Feb 2017
Fancy our cousin is out of power a long time The Times Cryptic 03 Feb 2017
Fancy man in unpredictable race The Times Cryptic 27 Oct 2016
Bell, a monster The Telegraph Toughie 29 Jun 2016
Artist on strike? Monstrous thing! The Sun Two Speed 19 Jan 2016
Big Ben, for example, a fantastic piece of imagination The Times Cryptic 23 Dec 2015
Wild idea to correspond with hawk-headed god The Times Cryptic 03 Nov 2015
Harmony comes with artist -- fancy! The Telegraph Cryptic 17 Jul 2015
Harmonise with a god delusion The Times Cryptic 09 Jul 2015
Greek character, almost simple, meeting a monster The Telegraph Toughie 18 Jun 2015
Ring with right answer for 'fabled monster' The Telegraph Cryptic 03 Mar 2015
Monster ring located by sun-god The Telegraph Toughie 19 Feb 2015
Monster in Greek mythology Universal 02 Feb 2015
Share opinion with painter producing wild idea The Times Cryptic 22 Jan 2015
Mythological monster
Fire-breathing creature of myth
Fire-breathing Greek monster
Vain fancy
Impossible dream
Mythological fire-breather
Monster with both a lion's and goat's head
Imaginary monster
Unrealizable fantasy
Fire-breathing monster with a lion's head, a goat's body, and a serpent's tail
Foolish fancy
Fire-breather of myth
Bellerophon's victim
Imaginary creature
Barth's National Book Award winner
Monster slain by Bellerophon
Man, to Pascal
Impossible fancy
Monster of myth
Foolish fancy.
Idle fancy.
Monster in Greek myth.
Monster Bellerophon killed.
Vain or foolish fancy.
Fire-breathing monster.
She-monster slain by Bellerophon.
Fantastic or impracticable idea.
It had a goat's body, lion's head and dragon's tail.
Impractical idea, so-called after a fabulous monster.
Mythological monster vomiting flames.
Female creature with a lion's head, a goat's body, and a serpent's tail
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.