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Crossword Clues for CHINESE

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Clue Source Date
Takeout option
Inventors of the compass and movable type
Nationality after which red and white pigments are named The Times Specialist Sunday 22 Sep 2019
Eastern language The Times Concise 15 Aug 2019
From Shanghai, say? The Telegraph Quick 03 Aug 2019
Of the most populous country Irish Times Simplex 22 Apr 2019
He's nice, having moved from Shenzhen? The Sun Two Speed 25 Mar 2019
Cantonese, e.g The Sun Two Speed 25 Mar 2019
Awfully nice, she is from an Asian country The Telegraph Cryptic 04 Jan 2019
Famously moreish grub? Feasted on and off, after having part by mouth The Telegraph Cryptic 05 May 2018
Extraordinarily nice, she is from a far country The Telegraph Cryptic 20 Jan 2018
Takeout cuisine choice Universal 17 Dec 2017
Boxes within boxes The Guardian Quick 05 Nov 2016
Word before "checkers" or "zodiac" USA Today 28 Apr 2015
Popular takeout option New York Times 14 Jan 2015
Word before checkers or New Year
Takeout choice
Like virtually all gold medalists in Olympic table tennis
Like dim sum
Language that's the source of the words answered by this puzzle's starred clues
Beijing-born, say
With 39-Across, convenience that might include the dish spelled out by the first few letters of the answers to 16-, 22-, 50- and 60-Across
Like many a 12-Down
Common takeout cuisine
Something full of interesting characters?
Boxers, by birth
The talk of Taiwan
Lantern type
Food often taken out
Official UN language
It can precede the start of 6- and 48-Across and 28-Down
Some takeout
Like acupuncture
__ boxes (nested group)
With 45-Across, what this puzzle's quote is
Kind of wall
Hailing from Hunan
Like fan-tan and tangrams
From Peking
Takeout order
Takeout cuisine
Kind of lantern
Hong Kong residents, now
Common cuisine
Nepalese neighbors
One-fifth of humankind
Taipei natives
Certain checkers
Hakka or Wu
Kind of checkers
People in Pearl Buck's "Sons"
Pearl Buck people
Kind of puzzle
Shade of red
People in "The Good Earth."
___ white.
463,493,000 people.
Transients on Formosa.
475 million people.
463,493,418 people.
Victims of communism.
Mao's men.
Members of U. N.
Subjects of the Mongol Emperor.
People engaged in civil war.
Victims of Jap co-prosperity.
Allies in Asia.
Celestial allies.
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