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Crossword Clues for CHOIR

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Clue Source Date
Mass singers Premier Sunday 12 Jul 2020
"Amazing Grace" singers Universal 05 Jul 2020
"Messiah" performance group Universal 29 Jun 2020
See 50-Across New York Times 28 Jun 2020
Loft occupants? Universal 25 Jun 2020
Blood of the gods The Washington Post Sunday 24 May 2020
Group of singers The Telegraph Quick 18 May 2020
Almost axe Irish singing group The Telegraph Cryptic 16 May 2020
Hymn singers Thomas Joseph 14 Apr 2020
Noteworthy group? The Washington Post Sunday 12 Apr 2020
Part of church set aside for singers The Guardian Speedy 08 Mar 2020
Part of a church containing the seats of the clergy The Guardian Speedy 19 Jan 2020
Group on risers Wall Street Journal 30 Nov 2019
Church singing group Newsday 29 Oct 2019
Group in a loft USA Today 25 Jul 2019
Singing group Irish Times Simplex 25 Jun 2019
Group singing hymns New York Times 25 Mar 2019
They're capable of producing 14 across in part of the church Irish Times Crosaire 22 Oct 2018
Voice-lifters in church Universal 07 Oct 2018
Churchgoers with pipes Universal 27 Sep 2018
Tabernacle singers The Washington Post 24 Jun 2018
Voices in a loft USA Today 17 Mar 2018
Mendelssohn Club of Philadelphia, e.g The Washington Post Sunday 21 Jan 2018
Singing churchgoers Universal 09 Jan 2018
Gospel group Eugene Sheffer 03 Jan 2018
Singers, one entering basic job, shortly The Sun Two Speed 12 Dec 2017
Church singers The Sun Two Speed 12 Dec 2017
Singing group on a riser USA Today 29 Nov 2017
Group with pipe organ accompaniment, often USA Today 28 Sep 2017
Vocal church group? Universal 29 Jun 2017
Singers wanting sheets of paper for the audience The Telegraph Cryptic 28 Jun 2017
"Preaching to the ___" Universal 23 Mar 2017
Singers on a riser Newsday 12 Feb 2017
Church with gold covering one section of it The Telegraph Cryptic 01 Jan 2017
Carol singers? The Telegraph Quick 24 Dec 2016
Group in robes LA Times Daily 28 Aug 2016
"Carmina Burana" performers LA Times Daily 26 Aug 2016
'Hallelujah!' singers New York Times 23 Aug 2016
Ones fully agreeing with you, metaphorically New York Times 12 Jun 2016
"You're preaching to the __!" LA Times Daily 30 May 2016
"Glee" club LA Times Daily 25 May 2016
People in church half-peeping round front of organ The Times Cryptic 13 May 2016
Loft group Newsday 01 May 2016
Sunday singers The Washington Post 16 Apr 2016
Organised group of singers The Guardian Quick 26 Mar 2016
Task mostly incorporating one group of singers The Telegraph Cryptic 17 Feb 2016
Homophone for a paper measure Newsday 23 Jan 2016
Church group
"Hallelujah!" singers
Unfinished tedious work overwhelms current vocal group The Times Cryptic 02 Oct 2015
Musical ensemble LA Times Daily 27 Aug 2015
No gaps in cargo ship for the singers Irish Times Crosaire 08 Jun 2015
Singing group in church Family Time 22 Mar 2015
Preaching to the ___ New York Times 27 Jan 2015
Coldplay might hear a Roman Catholic one
Group that has its own organ
It often functions with the help of an organ
Sunday service component
Loft user
Place for altos and tenors
Group often heard with an organ
School concert group
Singers in robes
Church vocal group
"Messiah" performers
Service people?
Group that may be at your service
Mormon Tabernacle, for one
Gospel singers, often
Group in church robes
"Messiah" singers
Van Morrison: "His Band and the Street ___"
Kapellmeister's charge
Mormon Tabernacle feature
Hymnbook holders
Carol singers
Gospel singers
Church area
Singers in a loft
Mormon Tabernacle ___
Lofty group?
Group of people that share an organ?
Group singing "Hallelujah!"
Madrigal group
School concert participant
Heavenly voices
Mississippi Mass, for one
A cappella group
"Sister Act" group
Group of angels, maybe
Cantata singers
Almost Angels group
Hymn-singing group
Church section
Motet group
Loft-y group?
It may be heavenly
Hymn presenters
Psalm singers
55-Down singers
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.