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Crossword Clues for CLARA

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Clue Source Date
Nurse Barton Thomas Joseph 01 Oct 2020
Bow wowing crowds, once The Washington Post Sunday 06 Sep 2020
Pianist Schumann Wall Street Journal 02 Sep 2020
Barton of the Red Cross Wall Street Journal 24 Aug 2020
Woman caught West Indian batsman The Telegraph Cryptic 08 Aug 2020
Santa ___ (city near Cupertino) Universal 16 Jun 2020
Santa __ (Silicon Valley city) Newsday 22 Mar 2020
Healer Barton Thomas Joseph 13 Mar 2020
Santa ___ (city near San Jose) USA Today 26 Feb 2020
Santa ___, Calif.
Red Cross founder Barton Eugene Sheffer 20 Jan 2020
Bow of film Thomas Joseph 12 Oct 2019
American Red Cross founder Barton The Washington Post Sunday 15 Sep 2019
“The Nutcracker” heroine Wall Street Journal 14 Sep 2019
'The Nutcracker' girl USA Today 24 Aug 2019
Santa ___, Calif New York Times 12 Jun 2019
Maryland's ___ Barton Parkway New York Times 02 Jun 2019
'The Nutcracker' protagonist New York Times 10 Mar 2019
"The Nutcracker" heroine
"The Nutcracker" girl
"The Nutcracker" protagonist
Bow of silents and talkies USA Today 08 Dec 2018
Barton of nursing USA Today 07 Sep 2018
Santa __, CA Newsday 08 Jul 2018
-- Bow, 'The It Girl' The Telegraph Quick 22 May 2018
Bow, 'The It Girl' USA Today 05 May 2018
Santa in California? Wall Street Journal 19 Apr 2018
Bow on screen Wall Street Journal 07 Apr 2018
Santa ___ New York Times 06 Apr 2018
Bow of early movies USA Today 01 Apr 2018
Bow, "The It Girl"
Bow of 'It' Premier Sunday 17 Dec 2017
Actress Bow Premier Sunday 26 Nov 2017
Santa in California Universal 20 Nov 2017
See 32 Down Newsday 28 Sep 2017
Bow in old movies Wall Street Journal 26 Aug 2017
Bow in movies Wall Street Journal 27 Jul 2017
Friend of Aunt Bee in Mayberry Universal 26 Jul 2017
Santa __ The Washington Post 25 Jun 2017
Santa ___, California Universal 12 Apr 2017
'The Nutcracker' lead The Washington Post 24 Dec 2016
Princess in the Comedy Central series 'Drawn Together' Jonesin 13 Sep 2016
Santa ____, California The Washington Post 03 Aug 2016
Drosselmeyer's godchild in 'The Nutcracker' The Washington Post 15 May 2016
One of the Golden State's Santas Newsday 07 May 2016
Bow of the silents Universal 03 May 2016
Bow of silents USA Today 23 Apr 2016
— Bow, silent film actress The Times Concise 02 Feb 2016
Santa -- Premier Sunday 27 Dec 2015
Santa ___ University New York Times 19 Dec 2015
The "It Girl" Bow LA Times Daily 06 Dec 2015
Pioneering nurse Barton New York Times 07 Sep 2015
Bow in the silents Wall Street Journal 28 Aug 2015
Bow or Barton Eugene Sheffer 10 Apr 2015
Civil War nurse Barton LA Times Daily 16 Mar 2015
"Doctor Who" companion of the Capaldi era
Ditzy "Bewitched" aunt
American Red Cross organizer Barton
Santa ___ (San Jose's county)
Pianist Schumann, early champion of Brahms
Bow no longer shot
Barton or Bow
Blandick who played Auntie Em
Bow in the movies
Auntie Em portrayer Blandick
"Angel of the Battlefield" Barton
__ Cluck (Daisy Duck pal)
One of California's Santas
Wacky aunt on "Bewitched"
Santa on the West Coast
Barton who founded the American Red Cross
Bow who had 'It'
Barton of the 40-Down
Silicon Valley's Santa __
First American Red Cross president Barton
Silent screen sensation Bow
Red Cross pioneer Barton
California's Santa ___ University
Santa __: Intel headquarters
Bow in front of an audience
Santa ___ , Calif.
Bow, the "It Girl"
Santa --, California
Bow of films
Pianist/composer Schumann
"Bewitched" aunt
"Nutcracker" girl
Schumann's composer wife
Santa __: Silicon Valley city
Bow of the 38-Down
Bow with "it"
Aunt Bee's friend Mrs. Edwards
First name in nursing
Bow in pictures
Silent star Bow
Bow on the screen
Bow of the screen
A California Santa
"Nutcracker" lead
Santa ___, California city, county or river
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.