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Crossword Clues for CLAUSE

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Clue Source Date
Section of a legal document Irish Times Simplex 04 Nov 2020
Part of a sentence USA Today 09 Oct 2020
Rider has reason to drink litres The Sun Two Speed 03 Oct 2020
Article in contract The Sun Two Speed 03 Oct 2020
Savages state for what's included in someone's sentence Irish Times Crosaire 01 Oct 2020
It's not a full sentence Irish Times Simplex 15 May 2020
Scratches heard in writer's passage? The Telegraph Toughie 26 Mar 2020
Grammatical division Irish Times Simplex 04 Mar 2020
A dependent one might start with 'that' New York Times 06 Aug 2019
Predicate part Universal 26 Jul 2019
Contract component The Washington Post Sunday 21 Apr 2019
Dependent thing, maybe The Washington Post Sunday 17 Mar 2019
In speech nails a few words The Telegraph Toughie 13 Feb 2019
This includes separate article and second part of sentence The Telegraph Toughie 06 Feb 2019
A dependent one might start with "that"
Section in a contract The Times Concise 27 Dec 2018
Article in a contract The Sun Two Speed 11 Dec 2018
Escape __ The Washington Post 08 Sep 2018
Rider has reason to invest pounds The Sun Two Speed 29 May 2018
Sentence component The Washington Post 18 May 2018
Runny sauce is left inside by one of those on a short sentence perhaps Irish Times Crosaire 28 Feb 2018
Contract detail USA Today 23 Feb 2018
Any initial new clues going around - maybe you'd need to ask 21 down about this stipulation? Irish Times Crosaire 14 Feb 2018
Sentence piece Thomas Joseph 13 Jan 2018
Sentence section Newsday 17 Dec 2017
Loophole may be what let the cat out of the bag so to speak The Telegraph Toughie 13 Dec 2017
Contract section Newsday 06 Dec 2017
Not withstanding ____ Canadiana 01 Aug 2016
Contract provision Universal 14 May 2016
Lost in grounds with rider Irish Times Crosaire 22 Apr 2016
Contract part New York Times 03 Apr 2016
Grammar class subject LA Times Daily 20 Mar 2016
Contract proviso The Washington Post 20 Feb 2016
Part of sentence The Telegraph Quick 18 Dec 2015
Subunit of a sentence The Times Concise 18 Jun 2015
Not quite a full sentence Irish Times Simplex 09 Mar 2015
Part of a contract New York Times 01 Feb 2015
Subordinate thing, sometimes
Contract stipulation
Legal article
Sentence fragment
Item in a contract
Contract division
Bit of fine print
Subordinate or dependent item
"The Santa ___" (1994)
Document proviso
It may be subordinate
Formal provision
Sentence segment
Capital on the Red River
Part of a compound sentence
Word with escalator or subordinate
Parsing subject
Grandfather ___
This may be adverbial
This may be subordinate
Provision in a contract
Section of a contract
Lease provision
Sentence part
Document section.
Part of a sentence.
Legal provision.
Short sentence.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.