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Crossword Clues for CLICHE

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Clue Source Date
Commonplace phrase Wall Street Journal 23 Sep 2020
Carbon from endless growth on tree - the same old chestnut perhaps Irish Times Crosaire 21 Aug 2020
Hackneyed phrase The Telegraph Quick 10 Jul 2020
Over-used phrase Irish Times Simplex 05 Dec 2019
Trite saying Thomas Joseph 21 Sep 2019
An old chestnut - Sam is off the chemicals Irish Times Crosaire 19 Jun 2019
Overused saying Newsday 22 Apr 2019
Like a kid in a candy store, e.g New York Times 05 Oct 2018
Tired saying Premier Sunday 17 Jun 2018
Expression that's as old as the hills Wall Street Journal 28 Feb 2018
Platitude The Telegraph Quick 07 Feb 2018
Like a kid in a candy store, e.g.
Overused expression LA Times Daily 27 Feb 2017
Trite phrase The Telegraph Quick 29 Aug 2016
Overused phrase Eugene Sheffer 06 Aug 2016
You've heard it many times before New York Times 14 Jul 2016
Trite expression Family Time 19 Jul 2015
"Hot enough for ya?," e.g.
"Easy for you to say," e.g.
Trite or obvious remark
Many a predictable plot
Tired phrase
Stale expression
Old saw
Overused plot device
Overused idea
"Back to the salt mines," for one
"When all is said and done," e.g.
As different as night and day, e.g.
Screenwriter's no-no
Overworked phrase
It's overused
Bit of predictable prose
Hot as a pistol, say
Writer's no-no
Stale saying
You've heard it before
Oft-heard expression
Trite remark
46 Down, for example.
Worn-out phrase.
Stock phrase.
Hackneyed phrase.
Trite phrase.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.