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Crossword Clues for COED

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Clue Source Date
Not single-sex Eugene Sheffer 09 Sep 2020
Not single-gender Universal 18 Jul 2020
What Princeton and Yale became in 1969 Wall Street Journal 02 Jul 2020
Female student Canadiana 29 Jun 2020
For men and women, as college sports Newsday 09 Jun 2020
Like Brown University since 1971 New York Times 12 May 2020
Kind of softball team Family Time 04 May 2020
Like many intramural sports New York Times 06 Apr 2020
Like dorms for men and women The Washington Post 23 Dec 2019
Like Vassar and Vanderbilt Universal 20 Dec 2019
Like most dorms nowadays New York Times 18 Dec 2019
Unlike Bryn Mawr College New York Times 14 Nov 2019
Dormitory designation Newsday 13 Sep 2019
For both men and women, as a school The Washington Post 10 Sep 2019
Like some rec leagues New York Times 10 Aug 2019
Like some company softball teams The Washington Post 23 Jul 2019
Like some dorms The Washington Post 02 May 2019
Like Oberlin since 1833 The Washington Post Sunday 24 Mar 2019
Dorm descriptor Newsday 22 Mar 2019
Open to both men and women, as a college New York Times 19 Mar 2019
Like many dorms New York Times 01 Mar 2019
Unlike Smith College Universal 12 Feb 2019
For men and women
Serving both men and women Universal 24 Oct 2018
Like mixed doubles tennis, in college New York Times 17 Sep 2018
Like Princeton since 1969 The Washington Post Sunday 19 Aug 2018
Mixed, in a way New York Times 21 Apr 2018
Like Vassar, since 1969 The Washington Post Sunday 15 Apr 2018
Dorm designation Eugene Sheffer 19 Mar 2018
Like Oberlin College since it opened in 1833 The Washington Post 13 Mar 2018
Admitting males and females Universal 15 Dec 2017
Like dorms for both men and women The Washington Post 07 Nov 2017
Like Vassar since 1969 Thomas Joseph 03 Nov 2017
Like many dorms, now USA Today 01 Jul 2017
Like volleyball that's played jointly by men and women New York Times 26 Jun 2017
Not single-sex, as a school Premier Sunday 09 Apr 2017
Unlike Wabash College LA Times Daily 17 Feb 2017
Like Vassar, now Universal 13 Jan 2017
Like most college dorms nowadays New York Times 01 Feb 2016
Like Colgate University, since 1970 New York Times 06 Jan 2016
Admitting both sexes Premier Sunday 27 Dec 2015
College girl USA Today 19 Sep 2015
Dorm denizen USA Today 22 Aug 2015
Open to everyone, in a way New York Times 05 Aug 2015
Campus figure Canadiana 27 Jul 2015
College girl, once USA Today 24 Jul 2015
For students of both sexes Universal 02 Jun 2015
Like both-sex colleges Premier Sunday 26 Apr 2015
Like most universities
Like most colleges
College woman
What not to call Bryn Mawr
Dorm designation, perhaps
What Vassar became in '69
Not just for guys
Like 30-Down since 1969
Like some volleyball teams
What Vassar became in 1969
Like most colleges and softball teams
Unlike Bryn Mawr
For boys and girls
Unlike Wellesley College
Not just for males
What Bryn Mawr College is not
Not for boys only
Like many college dorms
Like Vassar, after 1969
Sorority gal
What Yale became in 1969
Like some fraternities nowadays
Like The Citadel, today
For both boys and girls
M and F
Like West Point after 1976
Like some colleges
Sorority sister
For both sexes
For men and women, in a way
Like some schools
Not same-sex
Descriptor for some dorms
College figure
Like many dorms nowadays
Like Vassar
Like Oberlin, since 1833
Like the Citadel, now
Like most colleges today
Undergrad, perhaps
Like The Citadel, since the mid-1990s
Like Sarah Lawrence, since 1966
Kind of softball team, e.g.
Dorm denizen, perhaps
Ole Miss miss, e.g.
Like some modern fraternities
UCLA student
Sorority house member
Like most dorms
Alumna, once
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.