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Crossword Clues for COIF

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Clue Source Date
Elaborate 'do Universal 10 Sep 2020
Company provided cap The Telegraph Toughie 03 Sep 2020
Hairstyle Thomas Joseph 02 Jul 2020
Hood-shaped cap The Telegraph General Knowledge 22 Dec 2019
Fancy hairdo Universal 07 Sep 2019
Upper-level arrangement Newsday 24 Aug 2019
Salon selection The New Yorker 18 Feb 2019
Salon creation Newsday 29 Jul 2018
Salon product The Washington Post 27 Jul 2018
Updo, e.g Jonesin 10 Jul 2018
Hairdo Eugene Sheffer 08 May 2018
Salon do The Washington Post 10 Apr 2018
Hair arrangement Universal 10 Apr 2018
Stylist's creation Wall Street Journal 15 Mar 2018
Fancy do Universal 25 Dec 2017
Salon job New York Times 01 Nov 2017
Cap worn by fundamentalist Mormon women: hairstyle The Guardian Speedy 19 Feb 2017
Head 'do Universal 30 Jan 2017
Do The Washington Post 28 Mar 2016
Salon work Universal 05 Jan 2016
Beehive, e.g Newsday 01 Jan 2016
Beehive, e.g.
Lock arrangement
Bob or weave
Bit of salon artistry
Short hairstyle?
Hair affair
Result of teasing, perhaps
Create, as a beehive
Bun or flip
Buzz or bun
Arrangement of locks
Lock style
Beehive, say
Bob, e.g.
Bangs, e.g.
Order of the ___ (honor society for law-school grads)
Salon specialty
Lock combination?
Beauty shop offering
Salon offering
Updo or ponytail, e.g.
Bun, for one
It may get teased a lot
Dress tresses
Beehive, for one
Salon 'do
Bob, for one
Hair do
Do a salon job
Top treatment
Buzz or bob
Bob, say
Nun's skullcap
Hair style
Arrangement of the hair
Style hair
Afro or updo
Woman's closefitting hat
Nun's cap
Arrange hair
Afro, e.g.
Hoodlike cap
Pompadour, for example
Small hood
Close-fitting hat
Close-fitting cap
Small hat.
Hair style.
Nun's cap.
Close-fitting cap.
Tight-fitting cap.
Woman's headdress.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.