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Crossword Clues for COMB

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Clue Source Date
Hair-grooming aid Family Time 22 Nov 2020
Rooster topper Thomas Joseph 19 Nov 2020
Barber's tool Eugene Sheffer 10 Oct 2020
Search carefully USA Today 06 Oct 2020
Untangle (hair) The Times Concise 04 Jul 2020
Honey bunch? New York Times 28 Apr 2020
Hair tool with teeth Newsday 06 Apr 2020
Search thoroughly The Guardian Speedy 22 Mar 2020
Horse carrying Frenchman in search The Sun Two Speed 16 Mar 2020
Cock's crest The Sun Two Speed 16 Mar 2020
Afro pick, e.g USA Today 10 Mar 2020
Horse covering miles in search The Sun Two Speed 28 Feb 2020
Cockerel's crest The Sun Two Speed 28 Feb 2020
Maker of parts The Washington Post Sunday 15 Dec 2019
Stylist’s tool Wall Street Journal 09 Dec 2019
Search high and low The Washington Post 07 Sep 2019
Hair arranger Family Time 26 Aug 2019
Scour New York Times 17 Aug 2019
What Michael Jordan can't part with Newsday 11 Aug 2019
See 1 Across) The Telegraph Toughie 02 Aug 2019
Tool for fixing locks? The Washington Post Sunday 19 May 2019
Parting tool Thomas Joseph 13 Mar 2019
Groomer's tool Universal 18 Jan 2019
Carefully search New York Times 24 Jul 2018
Hair untangler Newsday 17 Jul 2018
Hair care tool The Washington Post 16 Jul 2018
Barber's implement The Telegraph Quick 29 Jun 2018
Grooming tool The Washington Post 13 Apr 2018
Groom; search The Telegraph Quick 04 Apr 2018
Hair-tidier The Telegraph Quick 20 Mar 2018
Company doctor's groom The Telegraph Cryptic 10 Jan 2018
Go through methodically
Grooming implement New York Times 04 Dec 2017
You can part with it Family Time 27 Nov 2017
Rooster's topper Newsday 25 Jun 2017
Unlikely pocket item for Kojak USA Today 09 Jun 2017
Many people part with it Family Time 01 May 2017
See 18 The Guardian Weekend 24 Apr 2017
Hair manager Universal 02 Apr 2017
Toothed tonsorial tool LA Times Daily 09 Jan 2017
Tool with plenty of teeth The Washington Post 26 Dec 2016
It may help with a mop LA Times Daily 28 Sep 2016
Barbershop prop Eugene Sheffer 12 Aug 2016
It may help with getting a part The Washington Post 09 Aug 2016
Fight's lost at workers' food-store The Times Cryptic 06 May 2016
Fonzie's grooming aid The Washington Post 05 Mar 2016
Hair detangler Eugene Sheffer 20 Jan 2016
Hair raiser, at times USA Today 23 Sep 2015
Hair-parting tool LA Times Daily 31 Aug 2015
Search The Telegraph Quick 14 Jul 2015
Horse circling male groom The Telegraph Cryptic 02 Jun 2015
Stylist's tool
Search, as a beach
Parting item
Fine-toothed item
Aid in creating a part
Vanity item
Tangle remover
Vanity-case item
You may part with it
Beatles "Lend Me Your ___"
Tangle untangler
Really go through
Hair parter
Search everywhere in
Parting aid
It gets in your hair
Device with teeth
Feature of a rooster's head
Salon tool
Brush partner
Something to part with
Work on, as a part
Rooster feature
A rooster always carries one
Rooster's crest
It can part the waves
Grooming aid
Item in Fonzie's pocket
Fowl feature
*Jim's gift in "The Gift of the Magi"
Look closely (through)
Parting gift?
It may part the waves
Hair-care aid
Brush alternative
It's a teaser
Arranger of locks?
Waxen construction
Barbershop item
Hairstylist's need
Honeybee construction
Toothed device
Honey holder
Pocket __
Look carefully (through)
Do one's part?
Fowl's topknot
It has teeth
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.